Scienceography: dances of physiology, entomology and psychology (Pocket Alchemy) 2011 Toronto Fringe Reviews

Scienceography: dances of physiology, entomology and psychology
presented by Pocket Alchemy  is a very interesting undertaking. The choreographers have tried to merge together the world of science and dance as well as focusing on the  journey of a mayfly. At times it works wonderfully and is beautiful to look at, but I found it to be too slow in pace to keep my attention.  All of the dancers are extremely talented and the staging is best when it is simple – a pile of fairy lights in one corner or a selection of different coloured balls that look like fruit. It becomes cumbersome when it takes too much time to set up the stage and then it is never fully utilised, in the case of the second dance. The scene changes throughout were far too slow and my energy dropped in between each dance.

The lighting was used to great effect, especially in producing wonderful shadows of the dancers and to evoke certain emotions. I also liked the choices of music but didn’t quite connect with the choice to stop it so abruptly and then continue dancing.

I liked the dance with the organs, though I would have liked a little less talking and a little more dancing. This was the part in the show where the tempo increased and it was good to have that change in energy. It was clever and funny, but I found it a little long.

I think I struggled because I was constantly trying to figure out what everything meant and how they got to that place. It was clear that they have spent a lot of time researching and developing this piece and their hard work  shows throughout the show. I personally didn’t connect with the piece but I have spoken to others who certainly have.

Scienceography: dances of physiology, entomology and psychology
by Brittany Duggan, Susan Kendal and Krista Posyniak

Genre: Dance, Physical Theatre

Venue 12 Factory Theatre Mainspace

60 min.

Remaining shows:

Fri, July 15 9:15 PM 1257
Sat, July 16 12:30 PM 1259
Sun, July 17 3:30 PM 1268

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