Toronto Fringe Buzz for Thursday July 14, 2011

Here’s the latest Toronto Fringe Fest buzz we’ve been hearing around town. If you’ve got any scoop to share, feel free to post it in the comments section below!

Shows with sold-out advance tickets for performances

The following shows have completely sold out their advance tickets. Half of the seats for every Fringe performance are available for advance sales, the other half can only be purchased in-person starting one hour before the show so if you still want to see any of these shows, we suggest getting there VERY early and lining up.

Kim’s Convenience
Shotgun Wedding

Patron’s Picks
If the show you want to see is sold out, don’t fret! Patron’s Pick Performances are one last chance for you to see them. On July 17th, each venue will have an encore performance of the most attended show at that venue. The best news? 100% of the tickets will be on sale in advance.  Patron’s Pick tickets go on sale Friday, July 9 at 5:00 pm. To book tickets, call 416-966-1062 or book online at

Mini-reviews from our contest winners

Every day we have been offering readers a chance to win tickets to Fringe performances. Some of them have kindly provided us with thoughts on the show they attended. Thank you, dear readers! Here are some of the comments we received:

Cancer Can’t Dance Like This
“Dan Stolfi combines some dance, some caricature and some confessional in an honest account of his struggle with cancer. I really enjoyed the diary readings that were written as he went through the treatments. That’s where the show shone. The caricatures of the parts of  his body affected by the cancer fight leaned a little too far toward cartoon Italian stereotyping for me and I had to struggle to find the value in them. Others easily did see a lot of humour in them and laughed heartily.”

Gravestone Posse
“You get to watch a radio program. A skilled cast, keyboard player and sound effects tech present a comic melodrama with some outrageous punning. A complex story line from the wild west , and actors frequently changing their hats literally and figuratively demand that you pay good attention. Sit up front and you’ll find clues about pelvic massage, the tumbleweed grapevine, zombies, and who shot the sheriff but not the deputy. Worth the walk to station CIUT at Hart House.”

Mister Baxter

“I really enjoyed Mister Baxter. Considering that I saw the 10:30 PM show at the end of a stressful day, I stayed completely engaged throughout — not always true for me at late-night shows! Having teachers in the family and knowing of a couple of incidents paralleling Mr Baxter’s, the story that was the catalyst to the whole piece really touched me. I enjoyed that no definitive verdict was given on the incident — only the fall-out from it. I recommend this to everyone looking for a strong ensemble piece at the Fringe.” – J

“We had a great time watching P-Dale.  The story was very well told by 4 main and a couple of additional actors, who did a wonderful job portraying a bit about people’s lives growing up in Parkdale (or was it Richmond Hill?) and some of the problems people face.  We particularly loved Twizzle who had some great lines and did a fabulous job of acting the part of a gangsta rapper.  Only thing missing perhaps was their pants not being worn down at their knees.  The writing, directing, and acting was all very well done by everyone. The play did a good job of combining humour, a bit of rap, and interaction with the audience with some very serious subject matter.   It was definitely a show we would recommend to any fringers who want to experience a very interesting and unique Toronto neighbourhood.” – Eve-Lynn

The Last ROCK ‘n Roll Show     
“Hi energy and hi volume from the four musicians and front man Jeff Jones.  A mini rock concert, their songs tell the band’s ups and downs with emotion. As counterpoint, the notorious female rock critic (Dayna Chernoff) chronicles her volatile love/hate relationship with rock music, and skewers a few rock star types for the audience’s enjoyment. We attended a Monday afternoon gig! The crowd will surely take it up a few notches for the evening performances.” – P and J

The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires
“Commedia dell’arte is great for children’s theatre with its broadly drawn characters that boldly state their intentions all in bright coloured clothes and this show was terrific. From the first entry of the salesman to the curtain call of the doctor the audience was drinking in every moment. Marcel Dragonieri playing the salesman was very engaging. There’s always a true gem or two at KidsFringe and this certainly qualifies as a gem.”

Mickey & Judy
Loved the show! Michael Hughes is a vocal gem with incredible storytelling abilities.  His story was touching and hilarious.