My Last (Theatre Double Take) 2014 Fringe Review

Her name is Lucia and she is 17, born in 16th-Century Italy, a young duchess fallen from grace — and all she wants is your company. My Last is an Alley Play presented by Theatre Double Take at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival.

This is interactive storytelling for a small intimate audience. Situated in the tent space at the Fringe Club, Lucia graciously welcomes you to sit with her as she tells you her story, and assures you she is repentant.

Inside the small tent, there is seating for a mere three – but don’t fret as there are multiple performances each night. Audience members are encouraged to bring a set of headphones with them, but those who don’t have a pair can borrow from the house. The headphones serve as a way of listening to the recorded narrative while Lucia tells her story.

She offers you a cup of coffee before she begins. Her story is that of a young lady raised in nobility, married at a young age to a Duke, but her boundless energy and penchant for innocent flirting – a coy smile, a selective look that lingers a moment too long – causes her fall from the Duke’s good graces.

The role of Lucia changes with each performance and so does her script.  Grace Gordon played her during the show I attended and she does magnificent work in the short, 15-minute performance. You can talk to her, ask her questions, console her and she’ll respond in kind, never breaking her character. Her portrayal of Lucia is graceful and elegant.

What Lucia really wants is for more people to hear her story and learn of her plight. Therefore audience members are encouraged to attend more than once to see the other actors (Kari Bell, Polly Phokeev, and Claire St-François) tell her tale from a different perspective.

This is a fun performance to watch, and it’s unfortunate that it’s only 15 minutes long as you want to learn more from her. Gordon is engaging and enigmatic which makes for a fantastic quick theatrical experience in between your regular Fringe schedule.


My Last is an Alley Play playing at the Tent Space at the Fringe Club behind Honest Ed’s (581 Bloor Street West).

Show times:
July 10 at 6:50 PM, 7:10 PM, 7:30 PM, 7:50 PM, & 8:10 PM
July 11 at 8:50 PM, 9:10 PM, 9:30 PM, 9:50 PM, & 10:10 PM
July 12 at 2:20 PM, 2:40 PM, 3:00 PM, 3:20 PM, & 3:40 PM
July 13 at 5:20 PM, 5:40 PM, 6:00 PM, 6:20 PM, & 6:40 PM

All performances are PWYC.

Image provided by the company.

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