Seana McKenna, Jim Mezon in
A Groundling Theatre production
Shakespeare’s Lear


Seana McKenna – Lear  
Colin Mochrie – Lear’s Fool
Jim Mezon – Earl of Gloucester   
Kevin Hanchard – Earl of Kent 
Deborah Hay – Goneril 
Diana Donnelly – Regan   
Mercedes Morris – Cordelia 
Antoine Yared – Edgar 
Alex Poch-Goldin – Duke of Cornwall 
Alex McCooeye – Edmund   
Karl Ang – Duke of Albany
Augusto Bitter – Oswald 
Ron Kennell – Lear’s Fool, Alternate
George Meanwell – Composer/Musician 
Graham Hargrove – Musician 

Graham Abbey
Music by
George Meanwell
Associate Director
Brad Hodder
Assistant Director
Edmund Stapleton
Set and Costume Design
Peter Hartwell
Lighting Design
Kimberly Purtell
Fight Director
John Stead
Stage Manager
Brian Scott
Production Manager
Ray Salverda
Poster Design
Scott McKowen
Executive Producer
Robert Richardson, Marquis Entertainment
Executive Director
Anna Kajtar
Company Manager & Associate Producer
Rosie Driscoll

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