Elbow Room – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Elbow Room, a debut theatrical production from playwright Lana Lovell, of Gloria Grethel Productions, opens at the Toronto Fringe Festival on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 8:15pm in the Annex Theatre

The one act play is directed by veteran actor Conrad Coates (Star Trek: Discovery, Degrassi: The Next Generation), and features performances from a cast of burgeoning multi-racial Toronto actors.

Elbow Room unites a group of actors at an audition for the lead role in a remake of the iconic “Cleopatra Jones,” Black exploitation film. The women of Elbow Room are ensnared in the competitive nature of the scenario, and find themselves trading barbs, information and insights as they jostle for psychic position.

“I’ve elbowed my way into this audition because I’m the person to play Cleopatra Jones”, says Nancy, the play’s antagonist. Together with her frenemy, acting rival Saada and newcomer Kia, tension boils hot as they revisit past differences, all the while giving the casting assistant, Hanna a bird’s eye view.

“This is a story rooted in women’s pursuit of excellence. The rivalries, victories, injuries and absurdities in Elbow Room provide a glimpse into that space where women experience growth as they become their better selves.” Lana Lovell, playwright.

During the past 20 years, Lana Lovell has written, directed and produced documentaries and factual based pro-grams for CBC, Bravo television, and Omni Television. Since 1985, Conrad Coates has acted in theatre, film, television and radio and performed in over 60 stage productions across the continent. Elbow Room is his third directorial opportunity.

Gloria Grethel Productions
Elbow Room
Producer/Writer Lana Lovell
Director Conrad Coates

Elbow Room runs from Thursday, July 4 to Sunday July 14, 2019
July 4, 8:15pm
July 6, 1:15pm
July 8, 3:45pm, R
July 9, 9:15pm, R
July 12, 6:30pm
July 13, 2:30pm
July 14, 6:00pm
Please note that latecomers will not be accommodated, except at relaxed performances (R).
Annex Theatre
736 Bathurst St
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1Z5
Tickets are available for purchase at: https://fringetoronto.com/fringe/show/elbow-room