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George has always been passionate about theatre, but didn’t know it. As a young boy he was mesmerized by professional wrestling. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was an early role model. Shortly thereafter, the explosive histrionics of Pete Townshend would supersede this Canadian icon. George’s attention later turned to American theatre. Jello Biafra became a seminal influence. The “Do It Yourself” ethic was firmly embraced by Perry, and he ventured into the vast repetoire of artists like Paul Westerberg and Steve Albini. As a young adult, he was re-introduced to the works of Townshend. His then girlfriend, Michelle, was hugely impressed by the theatrical production of The Who’s “Tommy”. He meandered through factories, schools, border towns and Michigan for a very long time afterwards. He eventually landed in Toronto. All these influences were brought together in one kettle when George discovered Mooney on Theatre. He understands and personifies that theatre is indeed for everyone. To further this end goal, he contributes.

Review: The Great War – VideoCabaret

By George Perry

The Great War is a not-to-be-missed barrage of entertainment and enlightenment on the Toronto stage

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The Great War The History of the Village of the Small Huts – 1914-1918 is one of the plays in VideoCabaret’s The History of the Village Of The Small Huts series.  Written and directed by Michael Hollingsworth, The Great War was originally produced in 1993.

It is currently playing at The Cameron House for a limited run.  The Cameron is a cozy space on Queen Street, just west of Spadina.  Look for the building with giant ants crawling on its side if approaching from the east.

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Eye-catching Toronto live theatre for the week of April 26, 2010

by George Perry

Shows that Caught Our Eye This Week

Here are all of the shows we wish we could get out and see this week!  Take your pick from our list of great theatre escapes for the week of April 26, 2010:

**  Shows marked with the double asterisks are the ones that make Megan, our editor, wish she could clone herself so she could check them all out.

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