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Reviews of productions based in Toronto – theatre includes traditional definitions of theatre, as well as dance, opera, comedy, performance art, spoken word performances, and more. Productions may be in-person, or remote productions streamed online on the Internet.

Review: Other People (Canadian Stage)

Photo of Daniel Brooks in Other People by Bronwen Sharp

Theatre legend Daniel Brooks — or a hero almost exactly like him, with his name, face, and background — has recently been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He’s quick to assure us it’s not the type one brings upon oneself by smoking, but the prognosis is the same.

Staring death in the face, he decides that to “die well,” he needs to attend a ten-day silent meditation retreat. It will allow him to calm the voices in his head and define what is really important.

Of course, for the neurotic Brooks, it doesn’t turn out to be quite that simple. In Other People, now playing at Canadian Stage‘s Berkeley Street Theatre, he unleashes a 100-minute-long torrent of speech to the audience, detailing just what was in his head during his forced silence.

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Review: Robert LePage’s The Library at Night (Lighthouse Immersive with Luminato Festival)

Lighthouse Immersive with Luminato Festival Toronto beckons you to explore the wonders and whimsy of renowned libraries throughout the world.

The Library at Night, created by Robert LePage and Ex Machina, lifts the cover on the inner sanctums of famous libraries — some existing in the confines of fiction or tragically lost to history, others in far-reaching parts of the globe — using Virtual Reality technology and an audio narrative to transport literary fanatics to treasure troves as vast as the books held within.

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Review: Iphigenia and The Furies (on Taurian Land) (Theatre Passe Muraille)

Photo of Virgilia Griffith and Paula-Jean Prudat in Iphigenia and The Furies (on Taurian Land) by Dahlia Katz

Iphigenia and The Furies (on Taurian Land), written by Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho) and presented digitally by Theatre Passe Muraille, Saga Collectif, and Architect Theatre, seeks to teach an ancient Greek myth new tricks in a retelling for a different era.

Originally staged in 2019 by Saga Collectif at Aki Studio, where it won the Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award for Best New Canadian Play, it was supposed to re-open Passe Muraille’s physical doors in a completely new staging by director Jonathan Seinen. While a digital pivot was necessary in uncertain times, the assured production of the play is anything but uncertain.

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Review: Jesus Christ Superstar (Mirvish)

people kneeling around "jesus" in Jesus Christ Superstar

The 50th Anniversary Production of Jesus Christ Superstar is playing at the Princess of Wales Theatre until January 2, 2022.  Fifty years, I can hardly believe it. I didn’t see the show then but, oh, I listened to the music!

This production of Jesus Christ Superstar is all about the music. There’s no spoken dialogue; the singers, dancers, and the orchestra tell the story. The set, the lighting, the costumes, the props are all there to serve the music. Truly an opera.  Continue reading Review: Jesus Christ Superstar (Mirvish)