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Gian has been a contributor to MoT since June 2013. Other than a couple of theatre history electives in university, Gian’s main theatre experiences date back to his childhood days when he would accompany his parents to shows at the Elgin Theatre or Princess of Wales Theatre. His fondest memory is seeing Les Mis as a child and being in awe of the larger-than-life costumes and musical numbers. When seeing a show, he loves pieces that come from a sincere place of truth – that tell a heartfelt story. During the day, he’s a Toronto Copywriter and Search Marketing Specialist. You can connect with him on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter: @gian_verano

Review: Zombie Toronto (Bad Dog Theatre)

A triumphant finish for Zombie Toronto at the Comedy Bar

So, you’re stuck in the middle of the city, plagued by an army of the undead. There’s absolutely no support from the military or any other form of emergency services, and at any moment you’re likely to run into at least one of these flesh-eaters. What do you do?

That was the premise of Zombie Toronto, which had its closing performance Wednesday night at the Comedy Bar.  As one of Bad Dog Theatre’s many improv shows, Zombie Toronto stood out as one of the company’s more memorable productions thanks to its mix of unapologetically silly slapstick humour and no-holds-barred approach to social commentary.

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