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Rhubarb Festival (Week Two) – Buddies in Bad Times

By Leanne Milech


What to say about the 31st Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre except: run, walk or skydive there – get there any way you can and DO NOT MISS OUT!  This is the last week of the festival, and I implore you to check it out.  Rhubarb gathers contemporary theatre artists in one building and curates a one-site, two-room festival of short, experimental theatre pieces.  It’s convenient, quick and cheap at only $17 for a full night of entertainment.

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Five for Twenty (or Less)

by Leanne Milech

While the economy is slowly picking itself up, why not head to an inexpensive evening out at the theatre?  No, theatre does not always cost a lot, and yes, we can prove it.  Every Tuesday, Mooney on Theatre will be giving you five delicious theatre suggestions that cost $20 or less.  Now you can spend your hard-earned dollars wisely on awesome, live entertainment that won’t break the bank.  Below, our first five picks:

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