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Maighdlin is a Vancouverite turned Torontonian who graduated the summer of 2015 from Randolph Academy as a singer, actor and dancer. She first came across the idea while watching The Wizard of Oz movie for the 50th time, when she was about 3 years old. She is the co-founder and co-artistic director of NonExistent Theatre, a new theatre company that challenges conventional casting and provides opportunities to emerging artists. while also attending the University of Toronto. Oh, and she ran into Bernadette Peters in a coffee shop once.

Review: Pyaasa (Theatre Passe Muraille)

Anusree Roy, the written and performer of PyaasaPyaasa is a “stunningly real theatrical experience” on the Toronto stage

Pyaasa, playing now at Theatre Passe Muraille, opens on a shadow-covered stage, which contains only a rusted metal bucket. For the next 50 minutes, the only other entity, prop or otherwise, to grace the stage is Anusree Roy, the playwright and sole actor. As exemplified by these first moments, Pyaasa goes on to tell a complex story with striking simplicity, creating rich characters and a world that is supremely real.

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Review: Villette (Amicus Productions)

Photo of Amicus Production's Vilette Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel arrives on the Toronto stage at the Papermill Theatre

Villette, presented by Amicus Productions, is a tribute to the 200-year anniversary of Charlotte Brontë’s birth, written specifically for Amicus Productions by frequent collaborator Chris Coculuzzi. I applaud the company’s investment in the piece and the community environment it creates. The show in itself, however, was not as enjoyable as the clear enthusiasm and dedication inspiring it. Continue reading Review: Villette (Amicus Productions)

Review: The Trial of Judith K (Thought for Food Productions)

Cast of Trail of Judith K

This take on Kafka’s The Trial leaves Toronto audiences perplexed at the Theatre Passe Muraille

The Trial of Judith K, presented by Thought for Food Productions at the Theatre Passe Muraille Back Space, is based loosely on Franz Kafka’s unfinished novel The Trial. Unfortunately, The Trial of Judith K feels uncompleted in many ways as well, making it hard to follow or get invested in, even though it is a thematically interesting show.

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Review: Elle (Theatre Passe Muraille)


Toronto’s Theatre Passe Muraille presents Severn Thompson’s nuanced and clever play, Elle

“You cannot inhabit without being inhabited.”

Such is the resounding message of Elle, playing now at Theatre Passe Muraille, the defiant tale of a French aristocrat stranded on an island off the east coast of Canada. While our heroine survives by sheer force of will and grasps onto her sanity with only her sharp wit, Elle explores how a land inevitably changes a person, deeply and irreversibly.

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Review: Tails from the City (Common Boots Theatre)

Tails from the CityTails From the City, on stage in Toronto, is “enjoyable for kids and parent alike”

Christmas in Toronto doesn’t always live up to the picturesque standards. We’re often left with grey slush instead of fluffy white snow, and the necessary parkas cover up cute Christmas attire. Tails from the City, presented by Common Boots Theatre at Evergreen Brick Works, takes the reality of Christmas in the city and spins it into a whimsical, charming tale of a young girl’s Christmas Eve adventure.

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