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Madeleine Copp saw her first show when she was four years old and it was love at first sight. She pursued a bachelor’s in theatre production and design and English literature, culminating in a love for flexible, innovative, and diverse theatre artists that challenge all our preconceived notions of the stage. Her thesis, Printed Voices: Women, Print, and Performance pushed for new interpretations of closet drama from the early modern to modern period in the hopes of seeing more female playwrights included in the performance canon. Since graduating, Madeleine continues to seek out unexpected, startling, and challenging works that leave her angry, speechless, and wonderfully confused.

Review: Peter Pan (Bad Hats Theatre)

Photo of Peter Pan CastPeter Pan is a “musical, high-energy, fast-paced romp” now playing in Toronto

We all need surprises and imagination. That’s what Bad Hats adaptation of Peter Pan playing at the Michael Young Theatre in the Young Centre for Performing Arts delivers for any cynic who may be watching. This heartwarming family show is definitely an imaginative, fun night for everyone.

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Review: Besbouss: Autopsy of a Revolt (Pleiades Theatre in association with Crow’s Theatre)

Photo of Adam Paolozza and Saïd BenyoucefBesbouss take on Arab Spring lacks commitment

There has been a death, and a government demands answers. Only an investigation can reveal the truth in Pleides Theatre’s Besbouss: Autopsy of a Revolt playing at Streetcar Crowsnest.

What’s discovered, however, is neither optimistic or eye-opening. The culprit? Too much drama and not enough substance.

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Review: Trout Stanley (Factory Theatre)

Photo of Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Shakura Dickson, Natasha Mumba in Trout Stanley

Trout Stanley hits all the right notes with its impeccable direction and dynamic acting

Do you ever watch a show and think to yourself: ‘this feels like exactly what I have been missing.’ Claudia Dey’s Trout Stanley, playing at the Factory Theatre Mainspace as part of their 50th season, is that play for me.

I sat in my seat and thought: weird, funny, rhythmic – this is exactly the type of play I feel like I never get to see.

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Review: Broken Branches (CreateTruth Productions and Workman Arts)

Photo of Sarah Kitz and Rebecca Applebaum

Broken Branches creates  space for a discussion about sibling abuse.

I think, sometimes, it is difficult to put the truth on-stage because the nature of entertainment confines it to like and dislike.

CreateTruth Productions’  Broken Branches, in association with Workman Arts, playing at the Aki Studio bring the topic of sibling abuse to the forefront. But the heart of the story is buried under its need to speak honestly, and to not sugar-coat it’s complexities.

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