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Review: Good News, Toronto: The Show (Comedy Bar)

Hosts Michelle Parkes and Korri Birch find the news that fits

Good News, Toronto is a monthly comedic newscast at the Comedy Bar

Imagine you’re on a tour of the old CFTO studios in the east end of Toronto, visiting the set of the CTV News at 6 when out of nowhere, a production assistant runs up and hands you a script. Slamming you in a chair and pointing you at a camera, the PA yells “Three…two…” and points. A red light flares and everyone stares.

Such is the seemingly unrehearsed charm of Good News, Toronto, a monthly show at Comedy Bar that tries to bring comedic context to recent events. From Republican nominees to the Pan Am Games, the Gardiner Expressway to phallic Legos, John Tory to things that look like vaginas (hello, City Hall). Continue reading Review: Good News, Toronto: The Show (Comedy Bar)