Questions about CanStage posed by J Kelly Nestruck

J Kelly Nestruck has posed some good pointed questions about what should happen with the Canadian Stage Company (including whether or not it should go back to ‘CanStage’, to which I have to say, yes please…)

This is one of those subjects that ebbs and flows in terms of interest for me.  Sometimes I get all impassioned and crazy about CanStage and their role and why they’re dying and on and on, and other times I just feel kind of, I don’t know, meh.

But, like so many others, I do have to say that the lack of Canadian works in the upcoming season does cause me a fair bit of dismay.

But back to the questions at Nestruck on Theatre.  Even if you don’t have an opinion about all of them, I recommend you check out the post, and the answers so far.  It’s provides some good food for thought.

As for whether CanStage (or, whatever they decide to call themselves) can pull themselves out of the ashes, only time will tell.