Congratulations Mr. MacIvor!

by Megan Mooney

If you’re not in the theatre industry then there’s a reasonable chance that you haven’t heard of the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre.  Which, really, is kind of a shame, ‘cause it’s a pretty cool prize.  They awarded this year’s prize last night.

A quick description from their website:

The Siminovitch Prize in Theatre was introduced in 2001 and dedicated to renowned scientist Lou Siminovitch and his late wife Elinore, a playwright. Sponsored by BMO Financial Group, Canada’s largest annual theatre arts award recognizes direction, playwriting and design in three-year cycles

This year it was playwriting.  And the award went to Daniel MacIvor – honestly, I’m not sure I could think of a more perfect person for it to go to. 

The prize is $100,000 – with $75,000 going to the recipient and $25,000 going to a protégé company of their choosing.  McIvor chose Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn who founded the company Dual Minds.

I can’t put my finger on why I love Daniel MacIvor’s work so much, but I really do.  So, I’m about as excited as you can be for someone you don’t know personally winning an award.

So, a standing ovation to you Mr. MacIvor – congratulations on this very well deserved award.


*UPDATE*- J. Kelly Nestruck has an interesting take on the whole thing…