Katherine Mansfield – Theatre Smith Gilmore at Factory Theatre

I’m not going to be able to see Katherine Mansfield at Factory Theatre, but it sounds pretty interesting, so let me pass on the information I got from the publicist:

Reasons to check out Theatre Smith-Gilmour, and specifically the show Katherine Mansfield that is playing at the Factory Studio Theatre March 14 – April 5, 2009:

  • Theatre Smith-Gilmour is a pre-eminent Toronto theatre companies that produces original works.
  • Along with a new title, Katherine Mansfield includes twenty minutes of new material, a new beginning and ending, and many cuts to the original The Mansfield Project script.
  • Katherine Mansfield, not only one of the most talented short story writers of her generation, was also praised for her strong feminist writing. She had deep concern for the status of women and most of her characters were women (as is the case with TSG’s production). She employed a feminist approach in both her life and her literature. Her work demonstrates how male sexual and economic dominance, at the time, denied women an independent role. Often, her female characters reject the possibility of independence or are unable to take advantage of it, for example in "The Colonel’s Daughters" (one of the stories featured in Katherine Mansfield).
  • Theatre Smith-Gilmour has a very unique creative process and theatrical style. Their development process is collaborative and they often work with the same actors and creative team. Katherine Mansfield an example of their unique creative style as it is written by Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith in collaboration with Claire Calnan and Adam Paolozza. They work with their actors on the source material in order to create a piece. They believe that when a group of artists who have grown together as the work itself has grown not only is the connection with the audience and the impact upon them richer, but the experience for the artists themselves is richer.
  • There work appears, for the most part, on a bare stage with minimal props. TSG believe in a type of theatre that exists in the here and now; simultaneously on a bare stage and in the actors’ and audiences’ imagination. The style depends on minimal costuming, set pieces and few props.
  • hey are training the next generation. They teach at various institutions, they offer workshops in their unique style, and they even created a new piece, Grimm with the graduating class at Humber College to great acclaim.
  • They work has been featured internationally, including Russia and China.

Katherine Mansfield plays at Factory Theatre Studio (125 Bathurst Street) until April 5
– Showtimes are Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8 PM; Sundays at 2:30 PM
– Tickets are Thursday $20; Friday $25; Saturday $28 ($5 Student/Senior discount on all tickets)
– Tickets are available through Factory Theatre Box Office at 416 504-9971, on-line at www.factorytheatre.ca or at the door

For more information please visit www.theatresmithgilmour.com