We ain't terrorists – Second City

By Dana Lacey


We ain’t terrorists was a one-night-only Second City show featuring two stand-out stand-up acts by Canuck comedians Ali Rizvi and Dave Merheje. It’s a lighthearted (and dirty) look at North America’s post 9/11 us-against-them attitude.

As usual, Second City did not disappoint. The up-and-coming comedians, both Canadians with middle-eastern backgrounds, explored stereotypes, misconceptions, and mispronunciations. (The MC of the night, Saad Kiyani, is from Punjab province in Pakistan. “That’s ‘pun-ja“, not ‘poon-jab.’ That sounds like a woman’s boxing move.”) Rizvi also an actor, wonders why he’s auditioned for four separate roles as “gay terrorist.” The acts weren’t hit-you-over-the-head righteous, and both comedians took plenty of jabs at their Muslim heritage (“When I first tasted bacon, it made me question everything.”)

My friend loved Dave Merheje, who seemed nervous but extremely passionate as he told stories about cultural insensitivity and jacking off. (I, on the other hand, was a little turned off by all the violent dick jokes, but maybe it’s just penis envy.) But, despite a few ‘safe’ jokes, like quoting parent accents (thank you, Russell Peters,) “we ain’t terrorists” is a show worth seeing.

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“We ain’t terrorsits” was a one-night only show.

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0 thoughts on “We ain't terrorists – Second City”

  1. Hi Dana,
    Thanks for coming to the show and supporting! Just want to point out that the joke about the Poon-jab sounding like a low-blow in women’s boxing was from Saad Kiyani (me), who emceed the show.

    I’m glad you had a good time and recommend the show! Thanks!


    1. Hi Saad,

      Sorry about the misquote, I definitely remember you telling the joke–complete with fake-punch action that made me involuntarily cringe (with laughter, of course.) Thanks for being a great host!


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