If you can get tickets to Lipsynch today, then do it!

By Megan Mooney

A full review is to follow, but just in case you are still wondering whether or not to get tickets to this show for the last performance today, then do it.  Of course, I’m pretty sure they’re sold out, but they may have a waiting list, or perhaps if you go there in person and beg enough?

If you are lucky enough to already have tickets (YAY!) be forewarned that it’s ‘woofstock’ this weekend, making getting around bloody difficult.  Front and Wellington are both closed from Jarvis to Yonge, so you can’t get past Front Street by car at all.  I’m not sure how the North-South transit stuff is being effected.  And walking is some special kind of hell because the place is JAMMED with people and dogs. 

What I’m saying is give yourself lots of time to get there.

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