Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009: The Discovery Of Scatterpopia

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The Discovery Of Scatterpopia At Toronto Fringe 2009: Theatre Finds Its Groove!

Audiences at this summer’s Fringe Theatre festival in Toronto will be entertained and amazed by The Discovery Of Scatterpopia, a production that combines theatre, dance, pantomime and turntablism in a truly unique new genre dubbed Turntable Theatre.  Wobble Top Productions are presenting The Discovery Of Scatterpopia from July 1st to 12th at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace (16 Ryerson Avenue).

“As explorers EL5 and CP3 crash land into an unknown planet, they soon realize they’re not alone….”

The Discovery Of Scatterpopia is an otherworldly fairy tale integrating magic, potions and adventures in a strange land filled with wondrous sights and sounds.  The story blurs the lines between genres, using pantomime, dance, and the live creation of the score with turntable experimentation.  The craft and skill demonstrated on stage will ignite the imagination of audiences as they follow the travels of this epic journey.

The protagonists of the story are played on stage by Toronto-based turntable musicians iNSiDEaMiND.    Since the release of their debut EP Fragmental (2006) they’ve been turning heads worldwide with their innovative approach to composition and performance.  Their journey, which began with humble beginnings at hometown venues, has taken them to LA, England, across Canada and opened doors around the world.  The Discovery Of Scatterpopia is the realization of the original creative concept that united them: Turntable Theatre.

Based on the story told on iNSiDEaMiND’s debut full-length album Scatterpopia (2008), The Discovery Of… will be a live interpretation of an imaginary world where the turntables that grow on trees are magical tools that create and sustain the reality presented in the play.

Joining iNSiDEaMiND on stage will be Toronto’s most influential dancer, Libydo.  His dance background is a mix of classical, street and interpretative.  Notably, he has performed on stage or in video for K-OS, The Salads and many more.  Now, alongside iNSiDEaMiND they will create a Peter Pan meets Alice in Wonderland spectacle for theatre-goers in Toronto.

Wobble Top Productions is a collaboration between iNSiDEaMiND and Toronto-based Media and Promotions company Totally Spun.  Formed in February of this year expressly for this production, Wobble Top collectively has decades of experience in live performance, entertaining and event production.

Premiering July 2009 at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace (16 Ryerson Avenue)

Wed. 1st 8:15-9:15
Fri. 3rd 3:00-4:00
Sat. 4th 8:30-9:30
Mon. 6th 4:00-5:00
Tue. 7th 5:00-6:00
Thu. 9th 2:45-3:45
Sat. 11th 6:15-7:15
Sun. 12th 5:45-6:45

Tickets are $10 at the door or less with a Fringe Festival Pass.  |  |

Fringe Hotline: (416) 966-1062