Coming to Toronto Fringe Festival 2009: Shadows in Bloom

7 Times Award-Winning Gemma Wilcox
Returns to Toronto Fringe
(Glen Morris Theatre)
July 1-12, 2009

Written and Performed by
Gemma Wilcox (London, UK)

Best in Fest -Winnipeg 2007 * Best Solo Performer -Ottawa 2007 * Pick of Fringe -Boulder 2007

Shadows lurk, jealousy seethes, plants talk, seeds grow…

Gemma Wilcox (London, UK) returns to take the audience on a continuing and deepening adventure through the life of Sandra and her complex relationships. From out of the shadows and onto the stage Wilcox transforms seamlessly from male to female, from kid to crustacean, from flora to fauna in her most compelling tale yet…

20 exciting characters!

"Wilcox moves easily through the nuances of London’s class-tinged dialects and accents, mixing vocal virtuosity with imaginative expressions and postures to herald each new personality, establishing a set of instantly recognizable icons that facilitate quick-paced, multi-character conversations." – Bob Bows, Variety

From the Creator of the Award-winning, Sell-Out Show,
The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over:

"Best in Fest" – Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2007
"Best Solo Performance" – Ottawa Fringe Festival 2007
"Best in Venue" – Ottawa Fringe Festival 2007
"Sold Out Award" – Orlando Fringe Festival 2007
"Best Bet at Orlando Fringe 2007" – Orlando Sentinel
"Pick of the Fringe" – Boulder Fringe Festival, 2005, 2006 & 2007
"Best of FronteraFest" – Austin, TX FronteraFest 2003 & 2004

7 Performances of Shadows in Bloom @:

Glen Morris Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto, ON

Show Times:

    * Thurs, July 2 @ 9:30pm
    * Sat, July 4 @ 6:30pm
    * Mon, July 6 @ 5:30pm
    * Tues, July 7 @ 12:30pm
    * Wed, July 8 @ 6:30pm
    * Thurs, July 9 @ 5:00pm
    * Sat, July 11 @ 3:00pm



To Buy Advanced Tickets:

On-Line @

Or call the 24/7 hotline: 416-966-1062

Or buy at the box office (292 Brunswick Avenue)


What the Press Say about Gemma Wilcox’s Shows:

**** "Sexy, sharp and seamless"
-Lucie Davies, Now Magazine, Toronto

**** "With grace and fervour she wins you over with her pristine acting and seamless transitions"     
-Nicole Kallmeyer, EYE Weekly, Toronto

"You might not see a better performance at this year’s festival than the one Gemma Wilcox delivers in this solo comedy-drama"
-Kevin Prokosh, The Winnipeg Free Press

"Gemma Wilcox is a shape-shifter extraordinaire"
-Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen

"Wilcox moves with a gorgeous fluidity from character to character, and with each one she holds her audience in thrall. This woman can do anything, it seems, and she does…she shows you what theater can be."
-Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel Click Here to Read Full Review!

"Gemma Wilcox is both an adroit chronicler of the human condition and a wondrous chameleon of a performer."
-Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press, Minneapolis

"[An] immensely talented physical performer"
-Catherine Lawson, The Ottawa Citizen

"Its sexy, Its polished and its precise…Gemma Wilcox is a delight to watch."
-Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio Ottawa
"Wilcox is entrancing."
-Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly

"She uses her incredibly malleable body to create visual distinction…If you have the chance to see only one show, make it this show!"                          

"What sets her one-actor, multiple-personality performance apart is the personal nature of the subject matter and the fine distinctions she draws in her characters. "  
-Bob Bows, Variety Click Here to Read Full Review

"Gemma Wilcox is a terrific performer"  
-Juliet Wittman, The Denver Westword

"Gemma Wilcox’s "The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over" was the gem of the evening"
-Shilanda Woolridge, The Austin American-Statesman

"Wilcox is brilliant. Especially inspired are her furry and feathered characterizations."  
-Mark Collins, The Daily Camera

"Gemma Wilcox was the surprise of the evening: She was superb…Wilcox took on multiple roles in a complex, polished, moving piece. It was well-acted and well-written from start to finish"
-Moira Muldoon, The Austin American-Statesman

"Wilcox displays an imaginative approach to theatricality, a rich sensitivity to character, and a winning sense of humor"  
-Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle Click Here to Read Full Review

"Wilcox’s plays are like beautifully crafted short stories, absorbing even if they weren’t given the charming and magnetic performance Wilcox offers. A remarkable display of both writing and performance."
-Lisa Bornstein, Rocky Mountain News Click Here to Read Full Review

About Gemma Wilcox

Gemma Wilcox is a performer/director/playwright from London, UK, now based in Boulder, Colorado.