Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009: I Will Not Hatch

Erin Fleck, Andrew Cheng, Allyson Pratt, Shannon Roszell,
Kate Kudelka, Jaclyn Zaltz, Liam Morris, Michael Bedford, Glyn Bowerman & Simon Esler

It is the ninth of November, the diametric opposite of 9-11, and one perfectly sensible woman, with perfectly reasonable fears, is taking an uneventful plane ride, doomed to end in perfectly mindless tragedy. Suzie and the nine other passengers on this ill-fated flight have roughly thirty thousand feet left to live as Suzie attempts to save the world from the danger she knows is lurking.

In the scant time it takes to cover this distance, these ten jet stream-crossed souls must explain their past actions, wash themselves clean of all worldly cares and liability and ultimately,hopefully, be forgiven…

…Or not.

So please, return tables and trays to their upright positions, fasten your seatbelts and bow your heads in contrition (between your knees, of course), as Suzie and her fellow commuters get down and dirty in a lovely baptismal font…

Just one of the many perks of Business Class.

Come join Pregnant Pause Theatre as they take flight with I Will Not Hatch!. Written and
directed by regular Fringer, “The Funny” Maya Rabinovitch (EYE Weekly), director of past Fringe hits, Don’t Look and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Abortion, Hatch! is a quirky adventure with political edge. I Will Not Hatch! has been in development since 2004 and was produced in February, 2005 and July, 2006.

“a winner” (NOW Magazine)
FRINGE HOTLINE: 416-966-1062

15 Devonshire Place (south of Bloor)
July 1st @ 8:45 July 4th @ 5:45 July 5th @ 1:45 July 7th @ 10:45
July 8th @ 6 July 10th @ 8 July 11th @ noon