Coming to Toronto Fringe 2009:After the Crash

From Press Release

RUCKUS ENSEMBLE presents After the Crash


At the Toronto Fringe Festival

By Julia Gray and The Ensemble

RUCKUS ENSEMBLE in association with TORONTO REHABILATION INSTITUTE, is thrilled to announce the production of ‘After the Crash: a play about brain injury’ as a part of the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival.

Elliott’s life changes drastically as he runs an errand one night. Elliott struggles to negotiate his new life after a major car accident.  He discovers that the most devastating circumstances can also be riddled with unforeseen gifts and rewards.  ‘After the Crash’ is the story of a man finding his new way in the world.

Ultimately, ‘After the Crash’ asks about human potential as it relates to our expectations of hope and how our lives are shaped. Through dynamic physicality and complex storytelling, RUCKUS ENSEMBLE creates a vibrant piece of theatre that is intricate, engaging and filled with humour.

‘After the Crash: a play about brain injury’ was originally developed as part of a joint research project between Toronto Rehab and University of Toronto to communicate research knowledge about the brain injury experience. ‘After the Crash’ was devised collaboratively with artists and health researchers based on experiences shared from members of the brain injury community. The play has toured hospitals and conferences in the Ontario and Greater Toronto regions to great success.

Praise for ‘After the Crash’ from audience members: "Seriously, brilliantly portrayed”… “extremely powerful and sensitive”… “I was inspired!”

‘After the Crash’ features a strong ensemble of Steven James, Sarah Machin Gale, Melina Nacos and Mark Prince. Researchers on the project are Drs Angela Colantonio, Pia Kontos, Julie Gilbert and Michelle Keightley. Primary Playwright and Director, Julia Gray. Stage Management by Giselle Clarke-Trenaman, dramaturgy by Kate Rossiter, lighting design by Michelle Ramsay, set and costume designs by Lindsay Anne Black.

‘After the Crash’

The George Ignatieff Theatre located at 15 Devonshire Place (south of Bloor).

Thursday, July 2nd at 6:30pm                                        Wednesday, July 8th at 7:45pm

Friday, July 3rd at 7pm                                                   Friday, July 10th, at 11:30pm

Saturday, July 4th at 12pm                                             Sunday, July 12th, at 2:45pm

Monday, July 6th at 3:15pm

Admission $10