Fringe Buzz – What we’re hearing about Toronto Fringe Festival 2009

Word of mouth is the key to Fringe.  So, we’re gonna let you know what we’ve heard, not just tell you about what we’ve seen.

Be sure to let us know what buzz you’ve heard in the comments section below.

I’ll be posting throughout the day on twitter from my blackberry, so feel free to follow me @mooneyontheatre for information ranging from what show’s I’ve heard are good, to what you should get if you’re dying to buy me a drink. 

If you’re tweeting Fringe updates, use the hashtag #FringeTO so that other folks can follow along, and I can include you in the buzz posts.

Now, for the sum-up of buzz from the last few days.  It’ll be a bit longer than usual, but is a good way to get an idea of what you might want to see over the course of the weekend:

Quick thoughts on select recommend shows

– Brother Can You Spare Some Pants starts tonight at the Fringe Club.  I had the chance to see the The Williamson Playboys last night at Late Night at the the Fringe with the Rumoli Brothers, and they were WICKED.  Go see them.  go go go.  There will be an official, and more articulate Mooney on Theatre (MoT) review later, but really, don’t wait for the review.  They’re fun, funny, and the music is great.  Can’t ask for any more really.

36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls was great – but be prepared to expect a bit of absurdity and approach it with fun.  My review to come shortly.

It’s Just a Phase was fun, it didn’t nail every moment, but the overall piece was pretty good.  Check out my review here.

My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding was a huge hit with our writer Sam.  Check out her review here.

Afterlife was a happy surprise for our writer Dana.  She was expecting not to like it, but was very pleasantly surprised.

Singularity of Being was a hit for Dana.  In her review she says “Don’t be scared off by the science; You will leave Singularity of Being a little humbled, a little teary, and little smarter.”


@mooneyontheatre Twitter comments worth repeating:

First, the most important thing I tweeted yesterday: “If you’re at the fringe club and dying to buy me a drink it’s a Rye and Ginger ‘single tall’ – for bonus points, half soda water half gingerale, but that’s optional… :P

Go see ‘Brother can you Spare Some Pants’ tonight. I saw them last night at the Ramoli Bros show and they were AWESOME #FringeTO

Some nice schmoozing action from the Dancing Cock Brothers – I’d love to hear the thoughts of those who’ve seen it…

Seriously, I’m loving listening to the dancing cock brothers guy work the crowd, which makes me thin the show will be amusant…

Impressive shpiel from Weaverville Waltz, fringe club is a great place to find out about shows…

Lysistrata and Importance of being Ernest working the crowd – hates bugging people while they drink. Gets props for being brief, but friendly & approachable (addition – both shows have gotten great reviews!)

My Mother’s Lesbian-Jewish-Wiccan Wedding has been HELD OVER – more details on Mooney on Theatre when I get them. (addition – rave review on Mooney on Theatre)

At Bread and Circus waiting to see 36 Little Plays enjoying iced coffee with Baileys and tasty square from pie in the sky (addition – The show was great, I totally recommend it. I also recommend the iced coffee and tasty square)

keeps thinking about what a cool, and good, idea it is for Wanderlust to be giving away 20 tickets tonight (addition – I realise this contest thingy is over, I’m just still very impressed with the idea of it.)


General #FringeTO Twitter comments worth repeating:

@RachealMc btw, if you get a chance and are in Toronto, take the wee ones to see As You Puppet at #fringeto. It’s awesome, & yes, it’s Shakespeare!!

@heatheremme Saw Out Of Character last night. Eye shouldn’t let fashionistas review Geek plays. Nice staging, wow chemistry. LARPiness. *** #FringeTO

@kattylea 2 great shows yesterday; Red Bastard #FringeTO & Soulpepper’s Of The Fields, Lately. for Red Bast, more on Fields l8r

@alimarin #FringeTO Head First **** Especially enjoyed the corpse-/doll-like movements & expressions in the first segment

@Paprika8 Just watched the shadow cast for Jurassic Park at the Bloor. Really funny stuff. Will come back for Buffy on Sunday. #FringeTO

@JoshHolliday Real Jerk on the patio=amazing. No free water=the opposite of amazing. Hot mouth! #FringeTO

@sirilyan Sara Hennessey Town. One-woman sketch show, with PowerPoint and commercials. Good character work and strong writing. 8/10 #fringeto

@caro2point0 Just watched Lysistrata #FringeTO and was laughing all the way through! Witty, snappy, well-rehearsed and definitely a must-see!!

@kattylea Red bastard: best show of #FringeTO? More later – for now esacaping the fringe for Of The Fields.

@brovermania Caffeine? Check. Sunscreen? Check. 4 Ns in Now? HELLO! #FringeTO

@torontoist #FringeTO review of "Baggage." It’s "deliciously dishy, like being let in on secrets told by your best friend"

@bonnequin GREAT review of The Silver Stage production of Blue Velvet at the Fringe: #FringeTO

@kyraugh The Intrepid Project got 4/5 Stars from EYE Weekly #FringeTO plays tonight at 7pm!

@unMicD Caught a sneak preview of "The List", opening tonight at #FringeTO. Looks fantastic. for details.

@rubbermustard #FringeTO Dancing cocks "Cocktail" at tarragon not to be missed. Hysterical!

@kattylea #FringeTO count: 1. Cocktails by the Dancing Cock Brothers (Mtl, QC)

@RichardTWong Just saw The Laramie Project @ #FringeTO… Heavy storyline, but highly encourage all to see it!

@cviebrock Sorry to miss your #FringeTO play/musical/angsty-monologue. Heard it was good/insightful/well-lit. Hope you get remount/option/drunk @ tent.

@kattylea At tarragon for Cocktails by mtl’s Dancing Cock Brothers. Chosen for company name. totally valid. Love #FringeTO.

@brovermania: Canadian history is fun when @praxistheatre is involved! Go see Tim Buck 2 at #FringeTO!

@sirilyan Hipcheck: TM. Finally a hockey show that feels like it’s written by someone who’s seen hockey. Starts slow, finishes strong. 9/10 #fringeto

@JoshHolliday If a two person play is a two-hander, is a solo show a one-hander? Cause I’ve heard good things about "one handers." #FringeTO

@Toronto_Fringe: The Star’s Guess-The-Fake Fringe Title article. HILARIOUS! #TorStar #FringeTO

@nowtoronto Fringe listings, reviews, blogs, map, and venue index. #FringeTO

@Toronto_Fringe: EYE weekly reviews/comments coming through after day one. to read/post #FringeTO

@torontoist #FringeTO review of the farce "Because I Can." Energetic but might have been better as a short sketch?

@Ashleybal happy 2nd day of #FringeTO! What are you going to see? Some recos from The Star:

@ashleybal: #FringeTO picks from board of directors president and professional fringe-goer, @d_chua:

@ianmackenzie: "Red Machine: Part One" cover story in Now Magazine:

@EYEWEEKLY: FRINGE: our first 5-star review of the fest goes to… 36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls