2009 Fringe Buzz – The Sunday Edition


Before I begin, let me remind you that if you’re using twitter, the hashtag for the Toronto Fringe Festival is #FringeTO.  And, while on the topic of twitter, if you feel like following me, I’m @mooneyontheatre

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From the Mooney on Theatre Comments section:

Charles Manson and Timothy Leary at Folsom Prison
– saw this at the fringe and it was very enjoyable, it is true that the Manson actor did a better performance. overall, i was quite satisfied.  (from Jean)

TransCanada `69
– You’re kidding, right? This was the best show I’ve seen so far. It’s true, he didn’t play the musicians exactly the way they played themselves, but why bother doing that? He billed himself as his “interpretations” of those musicians, and that’s what he did, and he did it fantastically, despite no electric guitar and lightshow. He made them sound better than the original IMHO. (from JB)
– As I said, he’s an amazing musician. It just wasn’t what I wanted or expected. (from Sam)

Love and Human Extinction
This show turned out to be a messy, amateurish, nightmare. It’s unfortunate – the premise had promise to spare. Schmacty, self-indulgent performances; chaotic writing; was there a director? (from frank simone)

-the buzz in the line for Fucking Stephen Harper was that Afterlife is terrific. It’s definitely on my list now. (from Sam)
– Thanks for the tickets. We enjoyed the show. It was a solo show by Candy Simmons, consisting of 3 – just a little linked – presentations/monologufes. The artist (excellent)was better than the script. Overall, 4 stars (out of 5).  (from Brian)

Shadows in Bloom
– This was a very well done show – good writing and great acting. I’ve never been to a show where plants and dinner were active participants in the plot. Thanks for the tickets, Megan! (from Genny)

Selected @mooneyontheatre tweets:

Loved loved loved the Willamson Playboys. Go see Brother Can You Spare Some Pants. #FringeTO

Overheard someone at the Fringe Club – “Uncalled For Presents: Today Is All Your Birthdays” and “Crazy Pussy” both hilarious. #FringeTO

Remember your sunscreen! There are a lot of very red people in the Fringe Club. #FringeTO

Sounds check for the Fringe Club Michael Jackson Tribute is sounding excellent! Different styles for different tastes. #FringeTO (addition – check out the Fringe Club for a different free event every night!)

Selected #FringeTO tweets:

@amoyal Looking for a great #FringeTO show? Check out 2 Man No Show! @NOWtoronto rated it 5 Ns here: http://tr.im/qYm2 #Toronto

@syberchic plans for early afternoon fringing “Lysistrata” – sleazy, classical comedy (also nudity! =) #FringeTO

@CodeBlue09 Fish Face is da bomb! Go! Blow some of dem bubbles! Great performance, great direction, great show…#FringeTO

@terminally_ill Words cannot describe the bizarre michael jackson dance battle i just witnessed at the #fringeto beer tent.

@terminally_ill Goodbye rounds was so beautiful. So lovely. Really glad i saw it. #fringeto

@meganfraser Goodbye rounds was fantastic. Congrats josh! #fringeto

@sirilyan The Goodbye Rounds: Quarterlife crisis, Torah-style. Unevenly authentic but the true moments hit hard and/or earn laughs. 7/10 #fringeto

@philrickaby Here’s a great review of Out of Character. http://twurl.nl/n4kjce #FringeTO

@philrickaby Being a part of Fringe, both as a performer and audience member is the most creatively inspiring experiences I’ve had in ages #FringeTo

@JoshHolliday Attn lady third row aisle 9:15 GI Theatre: texting during a show is super douchey! #FringeTO

@sirilyan (If it seems my #fringeto reviews are mostly positive, it’s because this seems to be a good year. I give cynicism a 2/10.)

@sirilyan 2-Man No-Show: fearless physical comedy, with what little is spoken mostly improvised. Also, remember movies? These guys do. 8/10 #fringeto

@alimarin #FringeTO “Naughty Little Children” **+has its fun moments, esp. if you’re willing to get into it. Rare dancing Ali sighting reported.

@alimarin: #FringeTO Candida was fantastic. ***** 140 characters cannot express how well done this was. Best of the Fringe, for sure.

@RachealMc recommends Nebraska, As You Puppet, The Sicillian and the jewish lesbian wedding thingy. #FringeTO

@JoshHolliday: Almost as much drama (and comedy) in the comments section of Eye’s online reviews as the Fringe itself. #FringeTO

@subwaypoetry: Jurassic Park was amazing, heading to Blue Velvet tonight! #FringeTO

@theatrecaravel: Manson/Leary at Folsom prison got 4 stars from eye weekly! Congrats! Go see it! #FringeTO

@alimarin #FringeTO Shadows in Bloom ***+ Pretty funny. A little sad. Strange, every play I’ve seen in that theatre has a jerky male protagonist.

@sirilyan Brother, Can You Spare Some Pants: the world’s oldest father-and-son Cajun duo tear it up old school. Great music and banter. 9/10 #fringeto

@EYEWEEKLY FRINGE: today’s 5-star selections – The Sicilian, Lysistrata and As You Puppet http://www.tinyurl.com/nutjwp #FringeTO

@torontoist: #FringeTO review of “Tim Buck 2.” A nervous audience was asked to debate a motion about civil rights. http://tr.im/qSHw