Fringe Review: How to Make a Mix Tape – Alias Dance Project

By Crystal Wood


Here’s the thing about mix tapes. They’re supposed to convey something about the mixer to the recipient, aka the “mixee.” That message could be “I love you,” it could be “I think we should break up,” or it could be “I’m trying to make you cooler by expanding your musical horizons.”

In the case of this Fringe show by Alias Dance Project, I get the feeling that the title was just a convenient way to assemble several dance pieces together. Which is a shame, because a cohesive theme would have really solidified what was otherwise impressive and inspired choreography.

Of the roughly half-dozen pieces in the show, my favourite was definitely “Gotta Go Church”, a chaotic solo piece done to Metallica and Fu Manchu. I also enjoyed the final piece, “I Hate Yellow,” a modern number about breaking free from the pack.

The dancers (8 in total) all display strong technique, with choreography heavily influenced by breaking, hip hop and contemporary styles. Lots of small isolations mixed with muscular holds that make you go “ooh!” and “ow!” at the same time.

And I’m going to take another opportunity here to mention the Fringe Festival’s Dance Initiative, which for the second year is providing an outlet for dance companies to get a chance to perform for Toronto audiences. Me like!

Photo of dancers in rehearsal, by Omer Yukseker


Cast: Andrea Spaziani, Gita Harris, Lauren Cook, Sarah Yu, Geordan Coupland, Meghan Cafferky, Valerie Calam, Sean Ling and Gadfly dancers
Audience: General Audience
Warning: fog machine and emerald beam laser light
60 min.

Venue 8: Tarragon Theatre Mainspace
Wed, July 8 7:30 PM
Thu, July 9 5:45 PM
Fri, July 10 5:15 PM
Sat, July 11 11:30 PM
Sun, July 12 Noon

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