Fringe For Free – Dante, Thursday July 9, 7:45

contest-web-graphic I’ve heard really good things about Dante, and I spoke to someone involved with the production on the patio at the Fringe club and it sounds like a really interesting show.  In case this kind of thing influences you, it got 4 stars from EYE.  It really does sound like something to check out.

As is our way with the ‘Fringe for Free’ section of Mooney on Theatre, we have a pair of tickets available for tonight’s 7:45 showing of Dante, playing at the Factory Studio Theatre (Venue 6 – 125 Bathurst St).

As always, to enter the draw, all you need to do is leave a comment* sometime before 5:30pm Today (Thursday).

More information about the show:

Peanutfish Productions


By Kaitlin Phillips

The famed poet is penniless, miserable, and so uninspired he can barely write an advertising jingle!  He could write again if only the woman he loves would return to him, but when she shows up with a surprising offer, Dante is forced to choose between abandoning the only good thing in his life and watching his one true love leave him forever.

Three actors from Portland, Oregon explore the questions of love, immortality, and why a brilliant poet can’t tell a decent joke in the World Premiere of a new play by Kaitlin Phillips, an exciting young playwright! 

First formed in the Walla Walla Valley in Eastern Washington, Peanutfish Productions boasts a cast from Australia and the USA. 

Directed by Ben Esler who can be seen in the upcoming HBO miniseries The Pacific, and featuring Kristan Brown, fresh from The London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts, Caitlin Goldie, a Presidential Scholar and performer at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe, and Forrest Seamons, formerly of Formerly Witty Productions, all together for your fringe viewing pleasure!

Factory Studio Theatre

Thursday July 2    8:45 pm
Friday July 3   1:30 pm
Saturday July 4   6:00 pm
Sunday July 5   Noon

Tuesday July 7   1:00 pm

Thursday July 9   7:45 pm

Saturday July 11   5:15 pm

Admission $10

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