Fringe For Free: Dracula in the Time of Climate Change, Friday July 10, Noon

contest-web-graphic If you’re looking for something fun, but not particularily deep (which seems just about the perfect thing for a Friday afternoon) then we have the ticket for you.  Actually.  The pair of tickets for you (HA!  see what I did there?  Funny, no?  No?  Oh.  Moving on then…)  We have a pair of free tickets for Friday’s noon performance of Dracula in a Time of Climate Change.

To enter the draw for free tickets, all you need to do is leave a comment* sometime before 10am Friday .

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An original play by Matt Jones: July 1-12 at the Toronto Fringe Festival

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Fresh off the stage at the Montreal Fringe festival, The Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre brings its pastiche of the Dracula myth to Toronto this July. Written & directed by Concordia University Creative Writing graduate, Montreal Mirror writer and longtime activist Matt Jones, the play features an eight-person cast, three live musicians, original artwork by David Jones and film sequences by Arshad Khan (Threadbare).

With rivers rising, ice caps melting and blood becoming ever more toxic, Dracula is faced with a dilemma: if the humans he feeds on go extinct, what happens to vampires? A play about love, bloodsucking, the perils of activism and the end of the world.

The comic duo of Dracula and Renfield arrive in Montreal, where they become entangled with a group of vegan activist girls at the university, whose blood is the purest the vampire has tasted since the days of pre-industrialization. The play jumps from black humour to moments of existential introspection to absurd vampire crunk songs.

Starring: Scott Kettles, Sibel A., Susanna Jones, Elana Gale, Caroline Fournier, Cassandra Witteman, Chastity Castro, Dan Fox. Play runs July 1-12 at the Glen Morris Theatre (4 Glen Morris Street). Showtimes: Fri July 3 – 10pm; Sun July 5 – 6:30; Mon July 6 – 2pm; Tue July 7 – 4pm; Wed July 8 – 8pm; ; Fri July 10 – 12pm; Sat July 11 – 9:30pm. Tickets available through the Fringe: (416) 966-1062.

Recommended picks of the 2009 Montreal Fringe by the Montreal Gazette and the Montreal Hour. Audiences have called the play: "Hugely entertaining", "Hilarious and sexy" and "Surprisingly literary" (click here for more comments from the 2009 Montreal Fringe Festival).

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