Fringe for Free – The Particulars, Thursday July 8, 11:30pm

contest-web-graphic 4 Stars from EYE, accolades from two previous Fringe Festivals, The Particulars seems like a show to check out.

Interested in a pair of free tickets to the 11:30pm showing tonight at Tarragon Mainspace (Venue 7 – 30 Bridgman St)?

Well then, you’re in luck!  To enter the draw for free tickets, all you need to do is leave a comment* sometime before 8:30pm Today (Thursday).

More information about the show:

Second Body Productions

*****Runner-Up at the Best of the Montreal Fringe 2008*****

*****Named a Top Pick of the Edmonton Fringe 2008 (Held Over)*****

The Particulars by Matthew Mackenzie

        Called a “revelation” by Pat Donnely of the Montreal Gazette, and a “sleeper hit” by Liz Nichols of the Edmonton Journal, The Particulars is the story of one insomniac’s struggle to maintain a daily routine born of emotional denial in the face of a home invasion. By day, Gordon forges systematically ahead, assiduously in control of every aspect of his life. But by night, the scratching which he has begun to hear in his wall’s is unravelling him, driving Gordon to the edge of cosmic desperation. The Particulars is about a man who has gone on with the routine of his day-to-day, without his reason for living.

        Starring Montreal’s Alex McCooeye, directed by Toronto/Tehran’s Vahid Rahbani and written by Edmonton’s Matthew MacKenzie, The Particulars promises to deliver a knock out punch in Toronto as it did last summer in Montreal and Edmonton.

Join us in the Tarragon Main Space, 30 Bridgman Avenue.

                           Tickets are $10.                                   

Saturday, July 4th 7:30 pm

Sunday, July 5th 8:15 pm

Monday, July 6th 1:00 pm

Wednesday, July 8th 2:15 pm

Thursday, July 9th 11:30 pm

Friday, July 10th NOON

Saturday, July 11th 6:15 pm


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