My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding is coming to Mirvish!

Check out the Mooney on Theatre review of the Toronto Fringe Festival production of My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding.

And now, onto the press release for the Mirvish production:

From Press Release

You are invited to the wedding of the year …

Musical Comedy Fringe Hit Returns


Begins November 7, 2009 at the Panasonic Theatre

David Mirvish is delighted to present an expanded and reworked new commercial production of this year’s Fringe festival hit MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING, at the Panasonic Theatre beginning November 7, 2009.

This original Canadian musical comedy became the toast of the 2009 Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival when it played in July at Bread & Circus, a relatively new venue located in a tiny Kensington Market storefront.

Written by David Hein and Irene Carl Sankoff, MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING is that rare theatrical success story: a show that seemingly came out of nowhere and created intense buzz as soon as its first showing ended, resulting in crowds lining up for hours to secure tickets to its remaining Fringe performances.

Explains David Mirvish: “When members of my staff saw the very first performances of this hilarious and touching musical, they reported back to me with such enthusiasm that I even took my out-of-town guests to a performance. At the performance we attended the crowd went wild, and they had good reason to do so. There is no doubt this is a special work from exciting, new musical theatre voices. We feel privileged to play a part in bringing the work to a bigger audience.

“It doesn’t often happen that a show leaps straight from its fringe beginnings and lands in the mainstream. The last time it happened was 10 years ago with a little show we discovered (also at the Toronto Fringe) called THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, which we helped to develop over a workshop and several productions. And everyone knows what eventually happened with that show.”


MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING tells the story of a mother and son. The mother feels lost in life, wrestling with her identity. A new job brings new opportunities and with it a chance to truly find herself … discovering her sexuality, rediscovering her faith, and eventually coming out to her teenage son, ex-husband and homophobic Jewish mother.

MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING is for every mother who has ever come out to her son as a lesbian … and a Jew. It is for every girlfriend who has met her future lesbian in-laws … at Hooters. And it is for everyone who’s ever been in love.

MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING features sensational songs that run the gamut from heartfelt (“If You Love Me”) to hilarious (“You Don’t Need a Penis” and “Don’t Take Your Lesbian Moms to Hooters.”), to educational (“A Short History of Gay Marriage in Canada”).


MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING is based on a true story. The musical’s beginnings came two years ago, with what’s now its title song. David Hein, an award-winning singer/songwriter, wrote the song as a gift to his mother, about her real-life wedding. Quickly becoming a crowd favourite, David performed the song as he toured across North America. In Alberta it challenged small-town homophobic misconceptions and in America it galvanized a cheering audience of lesbians who are still denied the right to marry.

Convinced the story of his mother’s journey would make a good theatrical work, David and his wife, Irene Carl Sankoff, began writing the musical in January 2009. They stitched together the stories that everyone asks them to tell: what life is like with two moms, including the seven parents at their wedding; the “facts of life” talk that Irene received from her in-laws; and how David’s mom first came out to him.


“Engaging and witty! Exceptionally charming! A delightful dual coming-of-age story!” – Toronto Star

“4 Ns! A true, heartfelt family tribute … humour and sincerity. Audience’s wild cheering through 18 witty (and instructive!) songs.” – NOW

“4 STARS! Isn’t just a clever title! Genuinely moving and well-executed!” – Eye Weekly

“Funny, touching … wonderful! We laughed, we cried. Really. I wasn’t the only person surreptitiously wiping my eyes from time to time. See it now so you can say, ‘Oh yes, it is terrific, isn’t it? I saw it at the Toronto Fringe.’” –Mooney on Theatre (ed: in case you’re curious, here’s the review)


The new production of MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING at the Panasonic Theatre will be expanded and reworked to include new songs, more characters, a larger cast and a bigger band. Like the original, it will be directed by Andrew Lamb, and will star Shaw and Stratford festival veteran Lisa Horner as David’s mom.

More casting details and ticketing information will be announced soon.

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  1. I’m so excited about this. The creative team are a lovely, talented group of people and I’m really happy they’re going on to bigger and better things.

  2. OMG! my partner and i will HAVE to go see this since our own wedding is coming up in July next year…and maybe we can even convince my teenage son to join us – lol.

  3. My sister in law and I went to see this production on Friday-after winning the tickets… It was hilarious. The actors were really amazing.. We enjoyed it… I want to get the cd as the music was very funny…

    Thanks for a great night out and for sooo many laughs…

  4. I did not see the show, but I would love to.
    Can anyone please tell me (by sending a comment)
    when the show will get to Montreal.
    Thanks, Dana

  5. I haven’t heard any plans for touring yet, but I would imagine that it will tour. It’s a pretty transportable set, I think it would be an easy one to cart around the country. It’s a great show, and I’d love to see it get out around the country. Actually, I’d love to see it get out around the world. That’d be great.

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