Why Not Theatre announces its 09/10 season!

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It has been 2 very exciting years for us and we are excited to announce our first season filled with exciting productions, plays in development, international workshops and some surprises to come!

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SPENT  Featuring: Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza

Factory Studio Theatre
October 8 to 25, 2009

In collaboration with Theatre Smith Gilmour and Theatre RUN: A comedy about climbing and falling off the corporate ladder

"This is a great show! Inventive, physical, funny, virtuosic and somewhat sly. It’s unabashed physical theatre done with a mixture of simplicity and sophistication. Ravi and Adam are the real thing."
-Leah Cherniak, Clown Master teacher and former Artistic Director of Theatre Columbus

"I was delighted by Spent, a great way to spend 40 minutes in a black box and come out feeling richer, not spent. Witty, subversive, "cocasse" – I hope there is more where that came from."
-Mathew Jocelyn, Artistic Director Canadian Stage Company

"You don’t want to miss this show!"
-Franco Boni, Artistic Director of the Theatre Centre


I’m So Close…   Featuring: Ravi Jain, Troels Hagen Findsen, Katrina Bugaj

Presented at Theatre Centre’s Free Fall Festival and Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage Festival

Theatre Centre, Toronto: March 23-April 5
The Cultch, Vancouver: April 8-11

Winner of the Spotlight Award (Summerworks 2008) Why Not Theatre takes you into a universe where the fabric of space and relationships tears and repairs itself, and all matter—from the smallest quacks to the most gargantuan silences—is generated by the vibrations of microscopically tiny loops of time.

"This avant-garde three hander does away with a conventional plot. More like a collage of absurdist meditations on human strictures like time and technology…it unfolds with delightful unpredictability… The Company peppers the performance with unique stage stunts…this acting trio is packed with potential…"
Now Magazine

"This show made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me think. I was impressed with the creativity of storytelling, physicality, character, and staging. It moved my mind and my heart (which is what I hope for every time I walk into a theatre). I’m So Close It’s Not Even Funny is filled with controlled chaos, wonderful physicality, clever comedy, emotional poignancy and a sense of reality and grounding that only comes from experienced and talented performers. Brilliant."
Plank Magazine

"arresting sequences- the windswept dash of Hagen’s homo exhausticus, the iceberg peaks that rise magically from Katrina Bugaj’s bed sheets or the moving correspondence between drifting lovers via Instant messenger…"
Irish Times (Dublin)

"impressively talented in their chosen genre of physical theatre"
Sunday Independent (Dublin)

International Workshop Series:
Suzuki Masterclass: 2
with Ellen Lauren of the SITI Company

A follow up to last years workshop we are extremely lucky to have another one-week intensive with Master Teacher Ellen Lauren in Suzuki and Viewpoints.

Scheduled for November 2009

stay tuned for details…
In Development:
Brimful of Asha
Tarragon Theatre Urjo Kareda Residency

Brimful of Asha- staring Ravi Jain and his Mother Asha Jain telling the story of how his parents tried to arrange his marriage in 2007, will continue its development at the Tarragon Theatre as Ravi was selected as the Urjo Kareda artist in Residence.
Performances at Passe Muraille and Tarragon throughout the year…stay tuned!
Blood and Gore
London, England

Ravi will direct a staged reading of Indian playwright Sidharta Bose’s new play Blood and Gore. Sidharta is an award winning UK based Indian poet and has written a beautiful poetic story of a love triangle dealing with the struggle of identity and cultural belonging.
The Big Project
Komagata Maru Project

Why Not Theatre Embarks on a journey over 5 years to create a new theatrical piece around the story of the Komagata Maru. Inspired by Ali Kazimi’s film A Continuous Journey this production will explore the history of Canadian Immigration via the lense of the infamous (but little known) event known as the Komagata Maru incident. The project will be an international collaboration with a company from the UK and India and will be presented in 2014, for the 100 year anniversary of the incident.

we are working towards an exploratory workshop in January 2010.

Visit the website for more info and details about the story.
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So much going on, Awards, Press, Residencies, past shows, shows in development, workshops and much much more!!!

Also a collaboration with Harmony Movement, Unity Charity, Manifesto and the Art Gallery of Ontario creating a performance installation with youth around the theme of Equity.
Click here to learn more: Equity for the arts project

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