Hart House is offering Creative Classes this year

From Press Release

These look pretty cool.  They seem to start late September or early October, so sign up soon.  Also, when you get to their web page, just be aware that the artistic stuff is after the athletic stuff and you have to scroll down A LOT to get to it.


IMAGINATION IS FREEDOM: find yours through the arts

In the heart of the University of Toronto, at the centre of the city, Hart House is proud to
announce the inaugural session in a new series of classes and workshops. Join some of Canada’s most accomplished artists, teachers, and directors as they present classes and workshops that use performance, film making and photography to encourage artistic expression, skill development and personal growth.

This new series provides communities inside and outside of the University of Toronto with access to engaging, enlightening and provocative opportunities for learning and enrichment in the performing and media arts.

These creative classes are not just for actors and directors but for anyone who wishes to exercise their imaginative spirit, improve their communication skills, increase self confidence, challenge their wit, learn to speak and move with authority or to express themselves artistically.

Hart House has assembled some of this city’s most respected and accomplished theatre professionals to share their expertise in a series of eight-week classes designed for both beginners and intermediates. Instructors include such industry experts as Kevin McCormick, David Smukler, Peter Van Wart, Alan Powell and Tracy German.

Artistic expression, skill development and personal growth. Unwrap what’s inside Hart House.

A full list of offered classes & workshops can be found at www.harthouse.ca/classes
Registration for Creative Classes begins on SEPTEMBER 1ST at www.harthouse.ca/classes

For more information on course content or registration please contact: creativeclasses@harthouse.ca