The Boys in the Photograph – Mirvish Productions

by Sam Mooney


I was looking forward to seeing the Mirvish production of The Boys in the Photograph.  There had been lots of hype, it’s an all Canadian cast, I love Ben Elton.  It should have been terrific.  It was fine but nothing really stood out.

Here’s the thing about a Mirvish Production – there’s money for a large cast and for impressive sets.  The sets were great, I really liked them.  The cast was talented, their performances were terrific.  It was the show itself that lacked something.  Maybe a musical is the wrong vehicle for a story about  the troubles in Ireland. 

The opening reminded Elaine, my show partner, and me of West Side Story.  I kept thinking ‘this is the Sharks and the Jets without the Jets.’  It seemed to be setting us up for something that it never delivered.

We both really liked the way they used actual news footage to set the scene.  I mentioned the sets, we both liked those, and we both thought the cast was terrific.  It was the show that disappointed.

If you’re not a regular theatre goer and you’re trying to decide what musical to see in Toronto this month go see Mimi at Tarragon.  It will cost you a lot less and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time.


The Boys in the Photograph is playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre (260 King St W) until Nov 1
– Performances are Tuesday through Saturday at 8 pm, Matinees Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm
– Prices range from $26 to $89.00
-Tickets are available at the box office, by phone at 416-872-1212 or online

Photo of the Cast of The Boys in the Photograph by Bruce Monk