Godzilla on Sundays- Monkeyman Productions

by Lucy Allen

Godzilla on Sundays is for anyone that’s ever shared a nerdy obsession of any kind, that’s experienced the evolution of a childhood friendship, or that just needs a few good laughs.  While it falls victim to a couple of plot cliches, Godzilla on Sundays will undoubtedly reach out to anyone and everyone who’s experienced any one of these things.
The story remains firmly focused on the constantly evolving friendship of Dale (Brad Rowe) and Kadin (Timothy Nussey), from their days of working on school projects and watching Godzilla, to leading adult lives and…well, watching Godzilla.  Eventually though the friendship comes across obstacles that neither could have anticipated and that even a mutual love of Godzilla can’t solve.
The comedy clips along at a quick pace, and the actors work well off each other to bring their friendship to life.  Brad Rowe as Dale is especially funny.  His childish love of all things Godzilla never ceased to amuse me, but he could also easily change to a more serious tone when it was required. 
There’s an abundance of pop culture references as well, from Indiana Jones to Lord of the Flies.  Being a little bit of a nerd (okay, a big nerd), I ate these up.  Although their being spoken at a rapid fire pace, and occasionally being obscure, may leave some audience members scratching their heads.
The story’s tone is undoubtedly comedic, but it’s also grounded in the tragedy of a gradually changing friendship.  It’s clear that the subject matter is close to writer D.J. Sylvis, (both the pop culture references and the emotional heart of the story,) and it shows in the quailty of the writing.  Although the script tends towards a couple of cliched moments and the plot takes a somewhat strange turn, these are offset by the polished comedy and energetic performances.
Perhaps it’s because I’m a nerd (really, who isn’t) or perhaps it’s because recently I’ve had my own experiences with old friends growing up, but Godzilla on Sundays managed to resonate with me in a way that not all art succeeds in doing.  I was laughing hysterically through most of it, and pausing thoughtfully through the rest. 
Every show may have its critics, but I’m pretty sure anyone who remembers hanging out with their best friend on a weekend will appreciate this show.  Besides, there’s a giant Godzilla costume involved…who wouldn’t want to see that?  Unfortunately this review has come a little late, as there are only a couple of performances left, so I’d suggest you book your tickets now!

Godzilla on Sundays plays until Oct. 24 at the Bread and Circus (299 Augusta Ave.)
-Tickets are $15 and can be bought in advance or at the door.
-Doors open at 6:30 and the show begins at 7:30 every night.
-Tickets can be purchased at the door, by calling 416-336-3399 or online.