Me, My Stuff and I: Toronto 2010 Fringe Preview

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From the award-winning creator of Jesus in Montana and American Squatter comes…

Me, My Stuff and I
to the 2010 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival

Venue — The George Ignatieff Theatre, 15 Devonshire Place

tickets $11 @ or Box Office 416-966-1062
Friday, July 2 @ 7:00pm; Saturday, July 3 @ 11:00pm;
Monday, July 5 @ 2:45pm; Tuesday, July 6 @ 7:00pm;
Thursday, July 8 @ 9:45pm; Friday, July 9 @ 1:45pm; Saturday, July 11 @ 3:30pm

“Think Spalding Gray and David Sedaris with a whole lot of audio and visual aids.”
– The Aspen Times

“The laughter felt like it came from my toes.”
– Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

Aspen, Colo. (June 9, 2010) — ME, MY STUFF AND I is a comedy solo show from humorist Barry Smith, writer and performer of the previous award-winning, sell-out hits Jesus in Montana (winner of the 2005 New York International Fringe Festival’s Outstanding Solo Show Award) and American Squatter (winner of the 2007 Vancouver International Fringe Festival’s Critic’s Choice Award).

Memory can be a fickle chronicler of life, yet we often cling to it as if it were truth. Written and performed by Smith himself, ME, MY STUFF AND I takes a disturbingly funny and completely relatable look at Barry’s own honest search to remember things that were lost in life. And, along the way, discover the real truth that lies inside ourselves, not in the pictures we take or in the mountains of “stuff” we desperately try to squirrel away.

Adding some twenty-first century zing, Smith’s signature performance style incorporates home movies, photos and, this time, much more “stuff” he has collected and archived over the years (a mere sampling of over 25,000 digital files!). Hailed as an “energetic and versatile raconteur” by New York Magazine, Smith transports audiences to a place both entertaining and strangely familiar to all.

This “Grownup Comedy About Stuff” is actually not recommended for children or the obsessively-compulsed.

Barry Smith is an award-winning humorist whose solo shows “Jesus In Montana: Adventures in a Doomsday Cult” (winner of the 2005 New York International Fringe Festival’s Outstanding Solo Show Award) and AMERICAN SQUATTER (Critic’s Choice Award winner at the 2007 Vancouver Fringe) also won the hearts of thousands at sold-out shows across the US and Canada. Smith currently writes an award-winning humor column, “Irrelativity” and has written and directed numerous short films. See more of Smith’s work at