Evelyn Reese’s Walking Tour: Toronto 2010 Fringe Preview

From Press Release

“* * * *…Evelyn Reese is funny. Damn funny.” – Winnipeg Sun ’08

“Highly recommended…a triumph of crazy charm and savvy sassiness.”

-Toronto Star ’06

Evelyn Reese’s Walking Tour

By Susan Fischer

There’s no stopping Evelyn Reese. Everyone’s favourite Executive Secretary/party animal is taking it to the streets in a walking tour of the Bloor and Bathurst neighbourhood. Her previous Fringe hits – The Evelyn Reese Show and Evelyn Reese’s Family Room – built a following for Evelyn here in Toronto and across the Fringe circuit. Now that following can follow Evelyn down Bloor Street as she interacts with merchants and shoppers in the Annex – steps from Toronto Fringe headquarters.

If this rye ‘n-ginger-induced, chain-smoking divorcée of a certain age knew what guerrilla theatre was, that’s what she’d call her show. But labels mean nothing to Evelyn Reese. She just knows in her bones that if she takes people on a tour of Honest Ed’s, the Country Style Hungarian Restaurant, a bra-fitting boutique and other establishments, they’ll want to hear what she has to say. And they sure will – whether she’s telling stories or creating them on the spot in live and interactive encounters with innocent bystanders.

Everyone’s met an Evelyn Reese and at the end of the tour, you’ll know a little bit more about this enigma wrapped in hot-pants. And about all the gals she reminds you of.

Presented by Miss Reese Productions at

The Fringe

Toronto’s Theatre Festival

Written by Susan Fischer and Adlibbed by Evelyn Reese

Starring Evelyn Reese

Starting & Ending at the Fringe Club, behind Honest Ed’s, Bloor & Bathurst

Wed June 30 @ 6:30 PM

Thu July 1@ 6:00 PM & 8:15 PM

Fri July 2 @ 5:30 PM

Sat July 3 @ 2:45 PM & 4:45 PM

Mon July 5 @ 5:45 PM & 7:45 PM

Tue July 6 @ 6:15 PM & 8:15 PM

Wed July 7 @ 5:45 PM & 7:45 PM

Thu July 8 @ 5:30 PM & 7:45 PM

Fri July 9 @ 5:30 PM

Sat July 10 @ 4:15 PM & 7:15 PM

Sun July 11@ 2:15 PM & 4:15 PM

All tickets $10 at the door.

Advance tickets and info about Fringe passes at 416-966-1062 or www.fringetoronto.com

Evelyn info at www.evelynreese.com or “Evelyn Reese” on Facebook