Teaching Shakespeare (Doctor Keir Co.) Toronto Fringe 2010 Review

By Sam Mooney

Teaching Shakespeare Teaching Shakespeare is playing to sold out houses for a good reason.  It’s a very funny, witty, well-acted show. I loved it.

Keir Cutler – who also wrote the show – is brilliant as a an example of how not to teach Shakespeare – in fact, how not to teach anything!  I wish I could write this review in iambic pentameter as an homage to his performance.

Cutler uses the stage, striding back and forth, illustrating his points with broad hand and arm movements.  The audience plays the part of the students – I got two correct answers – and learned a new word. Deracination.

If he was a real professor and this a real lecture you’d be squirming in your seat in embarrassment for him.  I had an economics prof like that – no one had a clue what he was talking about.

It’s a brilliant way to spend an hour.  Go early, tickets are selling out quickly.

Bonus: air conditioned.


Teaching Shakespeare is playing at tarragon Theatre Extraspace, 30 Bridgman Avenue (N of Dupont, E of Bathurst)
– Thu, July 1 9:15 PM
Sun, July 4 10:30 PM
Tue, July 6 7:00 PM
Wed, July 7 2:15 PM
Thu, July 8 5:15 PM
Fri, July 9 9:15 PM
Sat, July 10 Noon
– All individual Fringe tickets are $10 ($5 for FringeKids) at the door (cash only),  Online at www.fringetoronto.com, by Phone at 416-966-1062, in person (June 30 – July 11 only) at The Randolph Centre for the Arts, 736 Bathurst Street (Advance tickets are $11 ($10+$1 convenience fee), and $5 for FringeKids (no convenience fee for kids tickets).
– Several money-saving passes are available if you plan to see at least 5 shows