We’re Back! (Sort of)

If you’re a regular visitor (and of course, who wouldn’t be, right?) you’d have noticed that our site was down for a couple days because Google was reporting us as hosting Malware.

There are some issues to sort out, and there’s more info to come, but for now, here’s a few bits and bobs:

  • No personal or private information was ever at risk
  • The site itself wasn’t actually hacked or compromised – the ad server that we used served up the nastiness
  • You’ll notice that there aren’t any ads on the site right now.  See above
  • We recreated the entire site from scratch anyway, with new, freshly baked code from WordPress, just to be sure
  • We’re very very sorry, but if you came to the site while our adserver was being nasty, you may have been given malware from it.  You should use a good anti-virus to make sure you’re ok.  This is a good free one.  So is this.
  • You should scan your computer anyway. It’s just good practice

Even though we’ve cleaned up, you may get warnings and errors from various sources (Google, Firefox, etc) about our site anyway.  That will continue until Google looks at our site and decides that we’re ok.