Channel One – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

From press release

One future. One Channel. Two women. Countless characters.

CHANNEL ONE. We’re the only ones left.

We are the last two people left.We escaped the end of  civilization in a time machine only to land in a very lonely future. We created our own version of TV to entertain ourselves but soon were discovered by a time traveling audience from the year 2010. They left. Now we want more. We are female. We are funny. We are your future. Get in that time machine and be the next ones to see us unleash a mind-­‐melting cloud burst of characters on Channel One.

Channel One was created by Emily James and Ishah Janssen- Faith and is primarily based on original characters inspired by people we’ve met, loved or hated in life. We work from a concrete element of the character (whether that be voice, costume, gesture, behavior, attitude or mannerism) and present it to each other. Wherever we laugh is where we develop the character further. We also live together, so many times we will find a germination for a character just from a moment in our everyday lives. Soon we realized these characters all live on a spectrum of loneliness somewhere in between fear and need of connection. It’s a modern problem and we gave them a modern container to hold it in:the future and all its uncertainty.

Channel One is written and performed by Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith. Richard Crawford is the creative adviser, acting as an outside eye and sculptor of moments. Emily and Ishah worked together as part of a larger theater clown troupe for many years, and this is their first venture as a duo. They have each independently created original pieces of theater, film and performance art in NYC, Finland, London, Georgia and Texas. Richard has distinguished himself as an actor on Broadway and internationally (currently starring in the TONY Award winning “WarHorse”). He is a founding member of The Flying Machine, a New York based Lecoq theater company and founded The Movement Theater Studio, which is the first LeCoq based actor training in NYC.

You’ll not want to miss Channel One. It may be the reason you survive the end of the world.

“No doubt about it, these two ladies have winning comedic timing, both alone and together. They each come to the p party with a arsenal of characters in their sack and each personification is as convincing as it is varied.”-­Happiest Medium (NYC)

“delightful, hysterical, intelligent and original”–Vaudevisuals (NYC)

“There was beautiful sick warped material throughout this show.”–NY Clown Theater Festival Blog (NYC)

James & JF in association

with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

CHANNEL ONE written by Emily James and Ishah Janssen-­Faith

directed by Richard Crawford (as creative adviser)

starring Emily James and Ishah Janssen-­Faith

Opens July 7th 2011 runs to July 17th 2011

#1 – Tarragon Theatre Mainspace

30 Bridgman Ave.


July 7, 6:30pm

July 10, 4:45pm

July 13, 7:30pm

July 14, 5:45pm

July 15, 5:15pm



Ticket Prices:

$10 general admission


Advance tickets can be purchased online at or call (416)966-­‐1062 or in person at The Advance Ticket Box Office (ATB) at the Randolph Centre for the Performing Arts, 736 Bathurst Street.