Remember Maggy? – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

From press release

By Carol Anne Murray and Matt Murray

Described as being like “The Golden Girls” with addiction and Alzheimer’s, Remember,Maggy? follows two sisters in their forties and the journey of their complex and often hilarious relationship over five years. Kate a quintessential housewife and Maggy a pill-popping/alcoholic actress, battle to stay conn=cted through the progression of their mother’s Alzheimer’s. The revealing of dark truths causes their already fragile relationship to hang in the balance.

Written over twenty years ago by Toronto native turned Sarnia resident Carol Murray, Remember, Maggy? was originally conceived as a very short one act dealing primarily with sisters Kate and Maggy having a charming visit with one another. After being presented in Sarnia, Carol felt there was far more to this story and wrote a second act which included the addition of Kate and Maggy’s mother Niamh who was suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s. After a very successful but brief run, Remember, Maggy? was literally put away in a drawer never to be seen again. That is until now.

Carol’s son Matt Murray is a Toronto based performer and writer who had a very successful venture with the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2007 directing the smash hit &quit;TALK THIRTY TO ME”. Matt was itching to take another stab at directing and when the play Remember, Maggy? was mentioned in conversation, Matt knew this was his next venture. With the consent and collaboration of his new sixty seven year old mom Carol, Matt put his writing cap on and after extensive re-working, he along with his mom have successfully taken this story and characters to the dynamic place they were always meant to be. What stands now is a play that takes hard issue like addiction and disease and the pain, heartache and laughter that comes with them and deals with them head on with sensitivity, humour and heart.

Naturally, the next step was to breathe life into these characters because truly, what good is a great play, without a great cast? Thankfully in the case of Remember, Maggy? these two elements have come together with lightning force. Rosemary Doyle (My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding, Finnegan’s Wake), Denise Oucharek (The Sound of Music, The Anna Russell Story) Joan Gregson (True West, Chimera) and Alanis Peart (Postman Always Rings Twice) round out this incredible four woman cast. These actors ability to take you from hyst=rical laughter to shock and awe to tears is a truly remarkable sight to see. Every once in a while, a cast and creative team come together in a magical way, and that has happened exponentially with this incarnation of Remember, Maggy?.

Remember, Maggy? is a must see! Whether you come for the incredibly witty and touching script, or the top notch cast of powerful women, or a story that is not only relevant but important is up to you. Whatever your reason may be, all that matters is that you don’t miss it!

Remember, Maggy? has been proudly endorsed by the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Maggy Productions in association=with the Toronto Fringe Festival presents.

written by Carol Anne Murray and Matt Murray
Directed by Matt Murray
starring Rosemary Doyle as Maggy Donovan
Denise Oucharek as Kate Winfield
Joan Gregson as Niamh Ryan
Alanis Peart as Irene Farmer
Stage Manager- Andrea Harrington

Remember, Maggy? Opens Wednesday, July 6th and closes Saturday, July 16th
Tarragon Extra Space
30 Bridgman Avenue,
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5R 1X3


Wednesday, July 6th – 6:30pm
Friday, July 8th – 3:30pm
Sunday, July 10th – 8:15pm
Monday, July 11th – 6:45pm
Wednesday, July 13th – 12:00pm
Friday, July 15th – 5:15pm
Saturday, July 16th – 10:30pm

Tickets are $10 at the door, $11 in advance.