Love, Virtually – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

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Forget the glass slipper…if only Prince Charming had Facebook!

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Whatever happened to the days of meeting that hot guy or girl from across the room at a party, or drunken random hook-ups at the latest club? We now log on, browse profiles and go “shopping” for potential mates while doing the laundry, watching TV, or just sitting in traffic…

“We all like to live in our little bubbles. Yet we consider ourselves a social species.”

Laurel is a musician whose life has stalled professionally and romantically. Her friends think that getting her switched onto various forms of dating will help her move on. Only there’s one small (well, big) problem… that she’s hiding from everyone.

“The essence of who you are that should take years of conversation to learn about is posted for the general public to scrutinize.”

Love, Virtually is a compelling new work inspired by the outrageous experiences of online daters. Conducting numerous interviews with Toronto singletons and scanning hundreds of dating profiles, playwright Chloë Whitehorn and songwriter Cat Ratusny have crafted a tale that explores the nature of the internet meat market and how we “like” and love, virtually.

“I have too many friends. Not in the real real world, I mean Facebook!”

Unconventional has become mainstream, as men and women socialize and build relationships without ever having met. The play examines the convenience and struggles in “connecting” through our society. Because of dating profiles, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, we are constantly communicating, but are more distant than ever.

“We all spin our lives to put our best foot forward online.”

Sure to get you laughing and thinking, Love, Virtually is a witty music-infused look at relationships in the virtual, real and after world.

Love, Virtually @ the Toronto Fringe Festival

Venue #1: Tarragon Theatre Mainstage (30 Bridgeman Ave.)

Wed. July 6  10:30pm  Sat. July 9   5:15pm  Mon. July 11   8:00pm

Tues. July 12  3:00pm Thurs. July 12 12:00pm  Fri. July 15 8:45pm

Sun. July 17 5:15pm

Tickets: $10 @ door, $11 in advance 416-966-1062 or 1-866-515-7799

Five Reasons to Write About Love, Virtually

(1)The story is ubiquitous and universal! We all are, or know people who cruise for mates or hook-ups on-line.  We all can’t help but notice how the net, texting, tweeting etc., has massively changed the way we communicate and connect.  Now there’s finally a play that examines some of the social issues that accompany the ins and outs of virtual communication.

(2) It’s damn funny! Although dramatic and poignant, the dialogue is full of chortle-popping humour that may just make you pee your pants.

(3) The music is wicked cool. Created to highlight the emotional framework of the show, singer-songwriter Cat Ratusny will blow you away with her melancholic melodies, with a surprise bang in the finale.

(4) The show has an amazing ensemble of talent. From pen to performance, set to stage, and mind to music, this show features a top notch cast and crew in all aspects of theatre performance.

(5) You get free coffee! Where else do you go for a first, safe, no-obligation date?  A café, of course!!  And to get you into the caffè latte meet-up mood, we’ve partnered with new Toronto Roasters, Big Smoke Coffee Co.  to give you a free treat on your way into the theatre (early birds and media prepare yourselves!)