The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

From press release

Toronto, ON (June 22nd, 2011) — Debuting its wares at the Palmerston Library Theatre, The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires is an all-new comedy-spectacle for kids (and grown-ups) who know that the best dreams are the ones you make for yourself.

Welcome to a town where everybody, from the Minstrel on up to the Mayor, needs something – but nobody, from the Doctor on down to the Ditch Digger, knows what it is they need.  Well, that is, until a salesman (with a smile [and a suitcase {and a scam for the ages}]) finds his way to Town Square.  The Travelling Salesman flatters his way into the hearts, minds and wallets of a town that wants what’s too good to be true, but could it be what they need was really there all along?  A young girl who won’t take “no refunds!” for an answer thinks so.  If only the Doctor would let her out more…

Directed by Teodoro Dragonieri (Fringe ‘01’s The Perfect Gift) and featuring performances by Marcel Dragonieri (Best of the Fest ‘09’s Politically Correct Bedtime Stories) and Tara Gerami (Pandemic Theatre’s hit one-woman show Mahmoud), The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires both modernizes and honours Commedia dell’Arte to entertain and challenge the toughest audiences known to Fringe: KIDS!

Playing at The Palmerston Library Theatre

$10 for grown-ups, $5 for kids.  Each show runs 60 mins.

Thu. July 7, 4:00 PM
Fri. July 8, 6:15 PM
Sat. July 9, 11:00 AM
Sun. July 10, 2:15 PM
Tue. July 12, 11:00 AM
Wed. July 13, 4:30 PM
Fri. July 15, 11:15 AM
Sat. July 16, 7:30 PM

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