Cellar Hotel – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

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Cellar Hotel
Auerbach’s Lounge
A New Musical

by Anthony Rein, Terence Vince and Alan J. Nash
© Chicken Coop Theatre 2011

Which one are you?

The guests arrive; the rooms are lush and the lounge warm. But all is not what it seems at Cellar Hotel. In this elaborate new rock musical adaptation of Faust, the night turns intoan epic battle for the souls of those who dare enter…Cellar Hotel.

Dr. Michael Grey, a respected leader in his field, is torn between the success of his professional life and his lack of personal connections. Can the mysterious bartender, gluttonous cook, lustful lounge singer and envious waitress lead the desperate doctor to temptations that will endanger his very soul? Or can the Hotel Manager and her shimmering team carry him into the realm of the saved?

Meanwhile the tortured Richard Valentine and his sister Maggie have returned to the hotel, the location of their father’s death, seeking closure to their ongoing mourning. Will they be inspired to conquer their demons, or be forever enslaved to them?

Cellar Hotel is the largest show in the Toronto Fringe this year with a cast of twenty-one. The ninety-minute version of Cellar Hotel is Chicken Coop Theatre’s follow-up to their debut, hit 2010 show The 3rd Degree!

Their musical influences for the creation of the booming original score range from Jonathan Larson and Andrew Lloyd Webber to Iron Maiden and Britney Spears.

The names “Cellar Hotel” and “Auerbach’s Lounge” are derived from Auerbach’s Kellar, the basement bar in Leipzig, Germany where, according to legend, Mephistopheles first took Faust in his attempt to win his immortal soul.

About Chicken Coop Theatre:

Chicken Coop Theatre is a new Toronto-based theatre company whose mandate is to produce original Canadian musicals in a collaborative creative environment. It holds membership with the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA).

They are proud to have assembled such a dedicated team of young professionals inspired by the belief that new musical theatre does not have to be based on existing songs and movies.

Chicken Coop Theatre
At the Toronto Fringe Festival presents
Cellar Hotel
Written by Anthony Rein, Terence Vince and Alan J. Nash

Creative Team:
Director: Anthony Rein,
Producer: Alan J. Nash
Musical Director: Terence Vince
Stage Manager: Jenna Rocca
Choreographer: Brittany Robinson


Mischa Aravena, Ashley Gibson, Ruth Goodwin, Ryan Galloway, Michelle Cabral, Brad Marks, Stacey Gawrylash, Christian Jeffries, Sydney Dunitz, Kayla Whelan, Nikki Hogan, Karen Scobie, Avra Fainer, Meghan Barron, Vickki Velenosi, Dave Miller, AJ Edmonds, Lauren Richard, Adrian Baldauf, Yehuda Fisher, Jordie Currie,


Bathurst Street Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

Thursday July 7,    8:45pm
Saturday July 9,    5:15pm
Monday July 11,  12:45pm
Tuesday July 12,  6:45pm
Wednesday July 13,  3:30pm
Thursday July 14,  5:15pm
Saturday July 16,  11:00pm

Tickets and Pricing:

Tickets $ 10.00 (Advance tickets available at www.fringetoronto.com)