Caught Our Eye Playlistings – What our Fringe writers are most looking forward to

At this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, Mooney on Theatre has 17 writers covering all 145 shows. Instead of posting our regular “Caught Our Eye” playlistings today, we’ve asked a few of our Fringe writers about which show they are most excited to see at the festival and why. Here are the responses we got; hopefully these answers whet your appetite and help you find a Fringe show that interests you.

Crystal Wood wants to see Radioactive Drag Queens from the Year 3000 based on the title alone.  But the promise of camp, sci-fi and glitter doesn’t hurt either. She has high hopes for an hour of serious fun!

Dana Lacey has long held the (completely unofficial) title of Best Tetris Player Ever, and has won many illustrious gold trophies in MarioKart championships. So she’s stoked to see Videogames: The Musical! in hopes of learning some songs that can help her brag about her numerous, self-appointed gamer achievements.

Dorianne Emmerton is looking forward to Queer Bathroom monologues because it is directed by Alistair Newton, who she assumes is the same Alistair Newton who founded the Ecce Homo theatre company. She has always enjoyed Ecce Homo’s subversive, humorous and politically charged productions.

Heather Bellingham is most looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons (not) The Musical, because as a D&D playing nerd herself, she’s interested in seeing how it can be made interesting for the audience as well as the players.

George Perry is most looking forward to The Billy Willy Show.  It combines some of his favourite things; music, comedy and of course theatre.  George looks forward to some hot fun in the summertime!

Keira Grant is most excited to see Desperate Church Wives because society’s perception of sex trade workers and sex trade worker rights are such timely issues.

Lucy Eveleigh is looking forward to seeing the Godot Cycle. She thinks it is a huge undertaking to perform the play for 30 hours straight and then 54hours the second weekend. She thinks it will be incredible to see the show at the beginning and end of the cycle to see how things have changed for the actors. Imagine being on stage NONSTOP for that long! It certainly will be one to remember.

Megan Mooney is most looking forward to When Harry Met Harry. She says it’s because, even though she doesn’t know anything about its subject or plot, it has a great name and has been getting great buzz from a bunch of festivals.

S. Bear Bergman actually checked the Fringe lottery results in November to make sure his heartthrob Chris Craddock had got a spot, and is even more excited to see that he’s using it to do an improv’d sex comedy, The Love Octagon, with lots of the gay in it. ::swoon::

Samantha Wu has always been fascinated with things that happen when we’re not awake, which is why she’s excited to see Hushabye. What little she knows about the plot (reclaiming ownership of dreams from a Dream Ministry) has already got her intrigued and she can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Sonia Borkar is most excited to see Forbidden Fruit: Evolution. She thinks it will be interesting to see how dance elements come together as they combine ballet with classical Indian dances. Being of South Asian descent herself, she is curious to see how the play tackles issues that are taboo in that society.

Tiffany Budhyanto is really excited to see Kim’s Convenience because it stars the guy from Train 48, and because she’s never seen an Asian-Canadian play before.

Wayne Leung is especially looking forward to seeing Chicken Coop Theatre’s production Cellar Hotel at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival because he has often described his own life as a rock-opera adaptation of the Faust legend with mature language and sexual content.

Winston Soon is really intrigued by ShLong Form Improv.  This is apparently being performed by a group of improvisers who were also teachers in Korea. Winston studied both short and long form improv after being a teacher in Korea and is ready to finally see some scenes about horrible English textbooks and barfing Korean businessmen.

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  1. … “kim’s convience” is getting hugely positive buzz. the first two performances sold-out the 200+ seat barthurst street theatre. (the largest of the fringe venues). … rumours have it, that to get a ticket means buying at least an hour-and-a-half in advance.

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