Toronto Fringe Buzz for Saturday July 9, 2011

So, here we are at Day 4 of the Toronto Fringe Festival.  Is everyone having fun?  What have you been hearing around you in the line-ups and at the Fringe Tent?  We want to know!  Tell us in the comments section

Here’s some stuff we’ve been hearing:

Cancelled show:

  • The show Gingerbread Guy at FringeKids! unfortunately had to pull out of the festival this year before it even began.  It’s a shame, because Cow Over the Moon Children’s Theatre has delivered some popular offerings in the past.  So, while you’re making your FringeKids! plans, remember not to include this show.  Oddly enough though, they haven’t updated their site to tell us that they are no longer at Fringe.  But the big crossed out blurb at the FringeKids! seems pretty clear.

TTC Disruption:

  • One of our readers wrote in to tell us about this one, and we were very appreciative.  Apparently starting Monday the King and Bathurst intersection will be closed.  King Streetcars will have to run along Queen west of Spadina and Bathurst cars will turn back north at Queen.   Keep this in mind when you’re planning your route to Factory Theatre (and possibly Passe Muraille).

Recommended preparations: 

  • We’ve heard from a number of people that some of the venues are downright cold.  When you first arrive it’s absolute delight as you revel from the relief of the heat, but as the show continues, the cool becomes cold.  So it is suggested that folks bring a light sweater or shawl or something, just in case.
  • The flip side of that, of course, is that some venues are quite warm.  AWAKE has solved this nicely by making great highly effective hand fans available in their Walmer Church Sanctuary venue.  Best part, you can take them with you.  So, head to a show of AWAKE (our reviewer was so blown away she had to text me about it the second she left the theatre), and then arm yourself with that fan for the rest of the fest.

Awesome news: 

  • David Miller has agreed to match donations to the new Fringe “Time and Space Program” up to $10,000.  That would be the largest personal donation to the Toronto Fringe Festival in history.  Torontoist broke the story and has a great write up here.  YAY MILLER!

Sold-out shows: 

  • So, it doesn’t take long for shows to start selling out.  The ones I’ve heard so far are: Kim’s Convenience, The Giant’s Garden, and Shotgun Wedding.  I’m sure there are more, those are just the ones I’ve anecdotal heard about.
  • Half of the tickets available at every performance are available in advance.  However, if you try to buy advance tickets and can’t, don’t worry, the other half are available at the door.  If a show is sold out in advance though, get the venue early to get your ‘at the door’ tickets.  As an example, today on twitter from @TheGiantsGarden I saw this tweet: “Advance tix for 5:15 show sold out. Line up early for door sales. Rumoured some are coming as early as 3:30.”

NOW Fringe Listings:

  • NOW is the official sponsor of the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival, so show them some love by checking out their Fringe site.  Although they aren’t going to be reviewing all the shows, they are going to be doing mini-reviews for A LOT of them.
  • The site is mobile-friendly and lists all the shows, and if they’ve been reviewed you can check out the N ratings (most possible is 5 Ns) beside the listing of the show.  You can find it at
  • So far only shows with 5Ns seem to be Kim’s Convenience, Living with Henry, Raton Laveur and War of the Clowns, but there are a number of 4N offerings and ‘critic’s pick’ listed.  Plus, much like on Mooney on Theatre, you can provide you own review in the comments section available after each show blurb.


So, there is your buzz for today.  For up-to-the-minute buzz from a gazillion people, follow the hashtag #FringeTO on twitter (and, use it so you can let others know about your experiences too).  Speaking of Twitter, you can always follow us @mooneyontheatre

And please, let us know what you think of the shows you’ve seen in the comments section of either the reviews or, if a review hasn’t been posted yet, in a Fringe Buzz post.

And as always, we love getting tips from our readers, so let us know in the comments what you’re hearing.

Happy fringing everyone!

10 thoughts on “Toronto Fringe Buzz for Saturday July 9, 2011”

  1. We saw Giant’s Garden today, at 5:15, and if it wasn’t sold out it was very close. Zed headsarf was also quite full (and great!). I reviewed (and loved) Virginia Albridge, BSc, and I don’t think the description does it justice at all. And LOVE Octagon was amazing the day I saw it.

  2. 3 empty seats at The Giant’s Garden tonight, but can’t tell if they were people who didn’t show up or if there were three seats available. Warm and wonderful house and standing O. Will see what Monday holds. Other buzz … Living With Henry got 5 NNNNN in NOW, as did War Of The Clowns. The interesting thing is that Dale Miller is in both The Giant’s Garden and in Living With Henry in 2 diametrically opposing roles. Worth checking him out in both shows. If there was an award for range, I think Dale should take it easily. A gifted character actor, singer, fantastic comedic timing, brilliant physical work and intense stage presence.

    In other news, dropped by The Godot Cycle last night between 11 and 12:30. The acting is phenomenal. The boys will finish their first 30 hour stint within the hour. Fine acting, a cool concept and really great environment. This isn’t just a stunt, they have really honoured the text with a fascinating production. Check it out next weekend when they go for 54 hours in a row.

  3. Saw Grounded in Fantasy today – well performed, lots to relate to! Excellent view no matter where you were, but we enjoyed lots of leg room at the front. Highlights were the “band” members – added some musicality and comical subtexts!

  4. It’s official. Kim’s Convenience has sold out every advance ticket for their run. An EXCELLENT play. Line up early and see it for $10. Congratulations. Fantastic to see a well written play draw an audience.

  5. Saw Operation Impervious. Bil Antoniou’s second play this year – I really hope he keeps going.

    If you want irreverent laughs and unapologetic social commentary in a fun environment, you have to catch this one.

  6. It was great to finally have enough time and money to see one of my ex-classmates from Sheridan College acting and choreography was great! Cheers to you, Joel MacMeekin. Keep living your dreams. I am still working on that.

  7. Saw a lot of fantastic shows today – the ones that really stood out were Kim’s convenience store, The Sparrow and the Mouse and the Canuck Cabaret.

  8. I would have to say Kim’s Convenience and When Harry Met Harry are my two faves so far.

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