Between The Sheets (The New Groundswell Festival)

Between The Sheets is one of the three workshop productions that are part of The New Groundswell Festival – A National Festival of Contemporary Women’s Theatre. This isn’t really a review because it is a workshop production – basically a work in progress.

Having said that, Between The Sheets – written by Jordi Mand and directed by Kelly Thornton – is terrific. It’s a powerful piece of theatre. The performances by Susan Coyne and Christine Horne were perfect. If you’ve been thinking about seeing a staged reading or a workshop production this is a good place to start. It doesn’t feel like a piece in development.

The other two workshop productions in the festival are The Aftermath by Lisa Codrington and The Debacle by Ann-Marie Kerr and Susan Leblanc-Crawford.

The Industry Series is new to the festival and includes Masterclasses, workshops, and readings.


The New Groundswell Festival runs until December 10.
Between The Sheets is playing at Berkeley Street TheatreĀ  Upstairs ( 26 Berkeley Street)
– Performances are Tuesday December 6 and Friday December 9 at 8 pm.
– Tickets are $20.00
– Tickets are available by phone 416.368.3110, at the box office and online.

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  1. I was fortunate to see the last performance of Between the Sheets tonight. I was surprised to find out it was only an hour long. It felt like longer, and I mean that in a good way. The story was really well written and there was an excellent dynamic between Susan and Christine. Way to go, Nightwood!

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