[Sponsored] Hart House 2012 Winter Classes – Empowerment Through the Arts

University of Toronto’s Hart House classes in Toronto offer Empowerment Through the Arts – for anyone moved by an image, a word or an idea.

There’s little in this world I love more than learning something new.  Technically any learning goes to personal development, but the best kind of learning is stuff that is both fun AND intended for personal development.

The biggest life-changing learning I ever did was in my grade 10 drama class. It taught me how to interact with the world in a whole new, and far more effective, way. It also started an introduction to my passion – theatre – but that was a ways down the road. In my business-world career doing performance measurement and program evaluation I used the skills I learned through arts classes every day.

That’s what Hart House is offering with its “Empowerment Through the Arts” classes.  I don’t doubt that these will offer you skills that you will use in all sorts of areas of your life. In addition to their previous offerings in Filmmaking, Photography, Music and Theatre Arts, they now offer classes in Comedy, Creative Living & Careers, Movement/Dance and expanded Voice offerings.

It’s a wide ranging selection, with offerings from The Art of Conversation and Communication to Free Your Inner Comedian to Art of Acting: Finding Personal Liberation and Authenticity. Generally, the classes are aimed to those who but do not already have training in the specific class they are taking. There’s a full list of the various classes here, most of which begin the week of January 29.

If you’ve always been interested in the documentary film, then the Documentary Filmmaking class would be a great way to spend your Monday and Wednesday evenings from January 30 to February 29th. Not only will you get a deeper understanding of how it all works, but you’ll also increase your ability to make fantastic home movies, tell the stories of your community, or, you never know, maybe the be inspired  to continue your learning and become the next great documentary film-maker!

Or, have you always wanted to play an instrument but don’t have any music background?  Well, Renewing Passion and Vitality Through the Ukulele is the class for you. Ukulele is a great instrument. Not only are they cheap to buy (my partner just got a fun little orange one for $25 at Steve’s Music), but they’re easy to learn.  So spend your Friday evenings from February 3rd to March 16th learning with Thomas Dean and learn to make joyful music!

There are also more condensed workshops, so, if you can’t commit to time spread over a month or month and a half, how about something like the Introduction to DSLR Photography class, only two Wednesday evenings. You can learn how to make the most of that awesome DSLR camera Santa got you. Knowing all the different features and options on your camera will mean you’ll have the tools to capture the image you want.

Below is a detailed list of the classes available:





The Press Release from Hart House is below:
For anyone moved by an image, a word or an idea

Details: Stretch your boundaries and explore your creative opportunities with Hart House’s
upcoming Empowerment Through the Arts classes! You could go to film school on a budget,
work with a portrait photographer to improve how others perceive you, launch your career
creatively or take a three‐in‐one actors workshop to study acting, voice and movement in one
course. We even offer photography – digital and darkroom – as well as music from drumming
to the ukulele. Small classes with a relaxed atmosphere. Special rates for UofT students and
Hart House members! REGISTRATION OPEN

When: Registration is open NOW – classes are ongoing and commence January 29 or later,
depending on what you want to take.

Where: Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto (St. George Campus), Toronto.

Cost: Variable – go to www.harthouse.ca/classes for details

Registration: Go to www.harthouse.ca/classes or drop by the HUB to sign up

About Hart House’s Empowerment Through the Arts Classes:
Hart House offers a range of classes to recapture and reinvent your creativity. Try acting,
documentary filmmaking, movement or voice and push past your limitations to explore new
ways of interacting and expressing yourself. Not just for kids and artists, creative pursuits make
us whole and bring us into balance. Pick your passion and explore!

About Hart House:
Hart House is a living laboratory of social, artistic, cultural and recreational experiences where
all voices, rhythms and traditions converge. As the vibrant home for the education the mind,
body and spirit envisioned by its founders, Hart House encourages and supports activities that
provide spaces for awakening the capacity for self‐knowledge and self‐expression.

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