Mum And The Big C – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

From Press Release

Singing Strong in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents the play
Mum And The Big C

Ripley is torn between taking care of her mum and killing her. Mum and the Big C is a romantic
comedy about a no-strings attached, playgirl lesbian relegated back to the sedentary burbs to
nurse her mom who’s hell-bent on marrying her off, and finds herself fenced in with lies when
she unwittingly shags her mother’s oncologist.


Canadian Comedy Award winner, three-time Gemini Award nominated stand-up comic as seen
on Jay Leno, Q, Just For Laughs, HBO, The Comedy Network and anything else funny…

Five-time Gemini Award winner with two Genie Awards, star of She’s the Mayor, Seeing Things
and This is Wonderland… she was even on The Beachcombers!

Star of feature film The Baby Formula, animated series Totally Drama Island and 6Teen, Being
Erica, Suits, Warehouse 13… and the sassiest voice ever!

Gemini nominated for IFC’s The Business, Flashpoint, the Genie-nominated The Wild Hunt and
just wrapped Penthouse North with Michael Keaton… plays a whopping four roles for us.

What on earth is this ALL-STAR CAST doing in our FRINGE play?!
Come see… or better yet, ask them yourself! They love to chitchat with the media. We can’t get
them to zip it even during rehearsals.

Our cast and crew are simply titillated to mount the world premiere of this original work,
adapted from a screenplay by filmmaker Lynne Kamm. Lynne admits to having a mom – to
whom she has promised absolutely none of this material is based on … err…

This is a play for everyone who has a mother!

Written/directed by Lynne Kamm, Produced by Denis Coyne, Stage Manager Lindsay Jenkins,
Production Designer John William Eckert, Costume Designer Ginger Martini, Artwork Kim Hurter

736 Bathurst Street * air-conditioned!

Performances (60min)
PREMIERE: Wednesday July 4th, 8:45pm
Saturday July 7th noon Sunday July 8th, 8:45pm
Monday July 9th, 3:00pm Wednesday July 11th, 11:00pm, Friday July 13th, 1:45pm
CLOSES: Saturday July14th, 9:15pm

Tickets: 10$ Available at the theatre, or online at, or by phone at 416-966-1062, or at the Festival Box Office behind Honest Ed’s (34 Lennox Avenue, Toronto, ON)