ByoLogyc: Where You Become New – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

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Bringing Adventure Theatre to Toronto with
ByoLogyc: Where You Become New

Purchase tickets today to join a fictional biotech corporation’s
exclusive celebrations during the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival.
Explore the story of ZED.TO, and learn how to get involved:

Are Toronto audiences ready to experience the end of the world? By joining the ranks of ByoLogyc, a fictional Toronto-based lifestyle biotech company, they’ll get the chance to find out. The first public event in the six-month ZED.TO story spanning live and digital media, ByoLogyc: Where You Become New is an experience unlike anything else at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival.

12 performances between July 4-15, 2012 at The Annex Wreck Room will engage “VIP” audiences in the launch of ByoRenew -ByoLogyc’s latest near-future medical technology innovation – through interactive missions and activities, a story that blends reality and fiction, and an immersive marketing campaign unfolding across downtown Toronto during the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Tickets are available through the following channels:

• In person: Toronto Fringe Box Office, 581 Bloor St. West
• By phone: 416-966-1062 or 1-866-515-7799
• Online: