The Fringe 100 are on the move

When you’re creating new and innovative productions, there is one thing that you need to attain, and that is the youth audience. This year’s Toronto Fringe Festival is going to try and fill that demand by introducing you to their newest project. It is called The Fringe 100.

This opportunity for 100 young artists, between the ages of 17 and 24, will allow them to explore the arts administration side of new theatre development. Participants work with active theatre professionals who teach them the secrets of guerrilla marketing, street theatre, finding niche markets, and other valuable business skills that developing artists need to survive.

The greatest lesson being taught is that the theatre does not simply require artists. It needs leaders. The Fringe 100 is devoted to providing young emerging artists with a safe environment to practice these life skills. By the end of this program, these participants will have both the knowledge base and experience to successfully create their own fringe shows and companies.

If you wisely venture onto the Fringe grounds, you will likely run into The Fringe 100 participants. They will be frequenting the Tent Talks, Fringe Club, and Art Alley, to help stimulate your artistic interests. After all, what is the fun of seeing art if you can’t discuss it with someone afterwards?

So, if you want to talk shop, discover what awesome plays are being produced, or just want to know where all the action is at the Fringe, you’d better find one of The Fringe 100. They’ve come to show you that Toronto’s new artists are active, vibrant, and will not be silenced.

If you would like to learn more about The Fringe 100, you can find them on the Toronto Fringe Festival webpage.

The 100 are ready, and they’re waiting for you!