Lukas Press and Kokus with NUMBERS: 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival Dance Preview

For the past 8 months choreographers Rebecca Reinhart and Lukas Press have been focused solely on the creation of NUMBERS, their contribution through Kokus to the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival Dance Initiative. 

No light task, NUMBERS is inspired by WWII and Lukas’ heritage as Polish Jew. Growing up in Poland and Israel, he heard many first-hand stories from survivors of WWII and the Holocaust.

“That part of history has always fascinated me for the atrocities committed to so many innocent people and the rest of the world was practically clueless to it.”

Lukas cites ‘amazingly dedicated’ fellow performers and creators who shared their vision along the way with this project.  Lukas undertook immense research, as did many of his collaborators and they spent a lengthy time discussing what they had discovered, comparing impressions and ideas. His process is clearly rooted in the team, open communication, strong work ethic and dedication to the project.

“ [The creative process] also involved asking the dancers to challenge their roles and abilities and we’ve all been really blessed with an amazing rapport.” Lukas says.

Lukas took on the Toronto Fringe because it had been a dream to be part of the festival and he wanted to challenge himself.

“I would describe my work as a constant work in progress.  There is always room for growth and further research and further implementation of that research and knowledge into the creative process… What is brought to life on stage isn’t stagnant –that is, it isn’t final, really.”

For many young creators, the idea of an un-fixed work might be daunting. But not so for Lukas.

“I believe in the dynamics of art and creation and expression – it’s as if we’re always looking and searching for a way to relate, communicate and reach out to our fellow humans.


By: Lukas Press
Company: KOKUS
Company origin: Toronto, ON
Director: Lukas Press
Choreographer: Lukas Press, Rebecca Reinhart, Kay-Ann Ward and Toronto’s best choreographers
Cast: KOKUS Company featuring Toronto’s top dancers, performers, and visual artists. Acclaimed artist,Rhonda Nolan, will be doing a live action painting in each show that will be auctioned off after show.

Show length: 60min.

This performance is accessible for non-English speakers


Factory Mainspace

show times

July 06 07:00 PM
July 07 12:00 PM
July 09 06:45 PM
July 11 11:00 PM
July 12 05:45 PM
July 14 05:45 PM
July 15 01:45 PM

at-the-door tickets ($10)

advance tickets
($9 + $2 service charge)

Available up to three hours prior to the start of a performance: Online at

By Phone at 416-966-1062

July 2nd – 15th, daily, 9:30am – 6:30pm

In person at the Festival Box Office

July 4th – 15th, 12 – 10pm @ The Fringe Club, 581 Bloor St. W.

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