Review: The Rocky Horror Show (Fallen Rock Productions)

Fallen Rock’s production of The Rocky Horror Show is garnering standing ovations at Toronto’s Randolph Theatre

It is difficult to feel sad or melancholy during any performance of the Rocky Horror Show – but Fallen Rock‘s production at the Randolph Theatre went above and beyond all expectations. The show was performed in celebration of Fallen Rock’s 10th anniversary, and in benefit of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO).

This was my very first live performance of the Rocky Horror Show. I had seen the movie a few times, and I had also seen a film version accompanied by actors (who mimicked the scenes in the film while it was playing) many years ago that was decidedly lackluster.

The thing that impressed me more than anything in this production was the execution. This performance was packed with high energy, powerful vocals and choreography that didn’t miss a beat, and we found ourselves laughing throughout the entire show. In the Rocky Horror tradition, the audience was encouraged to “participate”, and the actors remained completely unfazed by it.

The costumes were awesome – with vibrant colours, dazzling fabrics, and more skin than Brad and Janet would be comfortable with. Impressively, many of the male characters donned heels that would make most women weep. The set looked like it came right out of a 1970s Sci-Fi B movie with an incredible amount of detail.

Though the entire ensemble was stellar, my personal highlights included a fantastic Frank N Furter (Jad Farris), a fabulously raunchy Magenta (Kelly Holiff), and the very talented Ben Kyte who doubled as Eddie and Dr. Scott.

My show partner had never seen the show or the movie before, but thoroughly enjoyed the show. In fact, it was clear by the end that the entire audience loved it. They got a standing ovation, and ended up performing a very special encore for us.

Overall this version is really enjoyable and it is definitely worth checking out. Fallen Rock also has a YouTube channel featuring interviews with various members of the cast and other special treats for any Rocky Horror fan. Whether you have been watching this show for years, or it is your very first time, you will definitely enjoy yourself at this production of the Rocky Horror Show. 


The Rocky Horror Show is playing at Randolph Theatre (736 Bathurst Street) until November 3, 2012
– Show runs at 8pm
– Ticket prices range from $25 – $45, with the exception of Saturday evening performances which are $25 and $50
– Tickets are available online, through the box office at (416) 978-8849, or at the door